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Not Pleased with Fraxel Restore Results Thus Far! - Georgia

I went in several months ago and have had 3 Fraxel Restore Treatments, at first I saw immediate results, my skin appeared smoother, the acne scarring appeared less noticeable but after about 3-6months post treatment, my skin looks no better, I've also noticed more scarring, which I believe was caused by the fraxel laser. I feel I've wasted $4,000 for what? I'm going in today... READ MORE

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Fraxel from the Doctor's Nurse

I had my first Fraxel treatment done by the doctor's RN.  Should I continue with her or request that the MD perform the remaining treatments? So, far I'm pleased with my... READ MORE

Number of Fraxel Treatments for Best Results on Acne Scars?

What is the maximum number of Fraxel treatments/sessions I should get to obtain the best results for my acne scars? My nurse/doctor said minimum of 4, but maybe 5 or 6! I had... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Laser Eventually Cause Scarring?

Can Fraxel Laser treatments eventually cause scarring years down the road or will my skin remain looking good after my treatments for many years to come? Apparently this... READ MORE

Extreme Redness and Blisters After Fraxel Re-store

I just had my 3rd Fraxel Re-store, settings were highest at 70%. I was warned that I would have more redness this time and maybe a little more discomfort; however, my skin... READ MORE

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Yes, if anyone would ask me if I recommend fraxel I would say, save your money, not worth it! It's only a temp fix and the old results will be visible again in a matter of months! I had 3 restores and 1 repair on my forehead! I... READ COMMENT

I wish I had chosen breast aug. that's how unhappy I am with my results! I even had a fraxel repair on my forehead and no change in my results! Now, I'm considering collagen or perlane injections to fill in the scarring! READ COMMENT

Hi, I just wanted to know if you were able to get your problem corrected? I'm planning to have some silicone injections for acne scarring this week. Did you have it all done it one appt. or did you have to go back later for... READ COMMENT

You're so right, when you're swollen, everything looks smoothed out. I'm about to head for a post-op appt. now, will decide if I want the re-pair done on the rest of my face or a few more re-stores or just keep the money in my pocket!? READ COMMENT

Booklady, how well satisfied with the results as far as smoothing out your acne scarring? I live in Ga too, already had 3 re-stores, over 8months ago, skin appeared to look more scarred then it did prior to the re-store, recently had... READ COMMENT