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One Mild Inconvience but SO WORTH IT!

I have been in glasses since a little girl. My eyesight was 20/400 in both eyes with one astigmatism. My pupils were juuuuuuust on the brim of needing the upper scale procedure to prevent haloing. I trusted the dr when he said the halo would be minimal and it has been. The only side effect is I have to put one drop of eye drops in each eye first thing in the morning. A small price to pay... READ MORE

Only Two Weeks out but YES WORTH IT!

I had lost an extensive amt of weight and have four children. I had a large pannus and it is now gone, along with all the abdominal streach marks, I have a cute belly button to boot. I am in A LOT of pain from my back walking hunched over. I get my drains removed Wed and I can't wait. The lipo left knots in my thighs that I have to massage out and that hurts. I find it extremely hard to... READ MORE

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Oh my I am so sorry to hear this happening to you ;( READ COMMENT

I think it's a far cry to say *everyone WILL* have this or that. I am new to the tuck (2 weeks) but I did an extensive amt of homework and have been heavily active in support networks and this is the very first time I've heard this.... READ COMMENT

When you have a TT you sever your lymphantic system. The lymph (fluid in your body) has no way to recycle. Once it realizes it has no recycle outlet, it pools and swelling occurs. The system DOES reconnect. You don't have a flat stomach... READ COMMENT

My surgeon seems to steer away from younger women of childbearing years who may become pg. I think this may be why. I am 39 with 4 children and we took care of the possiblily of ever getting PG again. READ COMMENT

That is your MR (muscle repair) That will take a while to heal completely. You could have turned over in bed wrong and wrenched it or something. I wish my drains are out! I have to keep them 2 weeks I get them out wed. I so can't wait. READ COMMENT