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Female, Young Adult - SmartLipo on Upper and Lower Stomach and Love Handles/Flanks (800cc removed) - Atlanta, GA

Throughout my entire adult life, I've been just under 5'7 and fluctuated between 125-140 pounds (mostly in the 120's but the last few years, 135-140, which I'm trying to lose ugh). BUT no matter what size I am, I've always had extra on the stomach/love handles (aka flanks) area - I've always had a muffin top. For whatever reason, my body stores a lot of fat there, either because I have a lot... READ MORE

Questions from sheshadworkdone

What's the Difference Between SkinTyte (Sciton) and Titan (Cutera)?

In terms of results and in terms of the effects. The cost difference is obviously notable (SkinTyte is much cheaper) but since both procedures are described as basically the... READ MORE

Does Juvederm Overfill Stretch out the Skin?

Please honest with me. A doc recently overfilled 1 eye and I'm worried when it dissolves, it will stretch out my skin. READ MORE

11 days post op, I had a columella lift. Would taking the stitches out early effect my results?

It was really upright for the first few days (and swollen) and I was happy with it, but because there were so many stitches inside my nose, it was hard to breathe. I admit,... READ MORE

When injected with HA fillers, do the fat pads in your cheek and jowls, etc. (malar pads, etc) re-position themselves?

I'm confused as to whether or not HA fillers are able to actually re-position the fat pads in your face (if injected with them) or if they're only able to re-inflate them,... READ MORE

Do any Atlanta doctors do HA fillers in the decollette/chest area?

I'm looking for a doctor in Atlanta that performs HA injections in the chest/décolleté area. If that applies to you, you have a new customer. READ MORE

Is it possible to inject HA filler directly into the facial fat pads in order to re-inflate them?

I'm still fairly young (almost 30), so I doubt the fat pads in my face have shriveled/moved too much, but, if possible, I'd rather re-inflate them a bit with HA injections -... READ MORE

Are there any US-approved dermal hydration fillers?

I know in the UK, there's Restylane VITAL and Juvederm HYDRATE and in Canada, there's Teosyal Redensity I, but I don't know of anything similar that's approved in the US. Is... READ MORE

Any Atlanta doctors experienced with using Hyaluronidase?

I'm looking for a doctor in the Atlanta area whose experienced with using Hyaluronidase to correct a juvederm mistake made by another doctor. If that's your, great, how much do... READ MORE

Is there a way to tell where Juvederm or Restylane have been injected into you?

Like is there some sort of special light or test they can use to tell exactly where the juvederm/restylane has been injected? I want hyaluronidase injected in a botched chin... READ MORE

What can be done to correct my uneven eyes? (photos)

My right eye looks bigger than the left. What can be done? (see photo) READ MORE

My eyes are uneven. What can be done? (Photo)

My left eye is deeper set than the right eye. It bugs me. What can I do? READ MORE

Does the ARTAS, FUT or FUE hair transplant require cutting your hair?

I'm a female in my late 20's. I don't THINK i suffer from female pattern baldness, it doesn't run in my family and there's no balding in my part area. BUT about 15 years ago, I... READ MORE

Will small raised acne scars flatten over time?

I have 2 small, raised acne scars on my face - 1 is from 2 months ago, 1 from about a month ago. It may seem like a minor deal but my face is otherwise scarless and I want to... READ MORE

What could the hard lump that is still there 18 months after smart lipo on my stomach be?

It's been a year and a half since I had liposuction on my abdomen and I still have a hard lump on the left side. The other lumps resolved, this one did not. Although it doesn't... READ MORE

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Do any Atlanta doctors do HA fillers in the decollette/chest area?

I'm looking for an Atlanta doctor who performs HA injections in the decollette/chest area. You have a new customer. READ MORE

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What website do you go to to check if a doc is a board certified plastic surgeon? READ COMMENT

Question: how much fat did he remove from your stomach? Like was your stomach super big before you had it done? READ COMMENT

Good for you. When I had my surgery (although mine was just liposuction, which I'm sure wasn't NEARLY as painful as your BL) I only took the pain meds the first day. After that, same thing as you, just Tylenol. I'm weary of prescription... READ COMMENT

It's good you have a such a high tolerance, because honestly, it looks really, really painful. I can sorta see why you did it all at once - just get it done kinda thing. In the long run, you'll probably be happy you did but right now,... READ COMMENT

How much was it? READ COMMENT