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Can I Go Skydiving and Scuba Diving After Having a Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty about six months ago, is it possible for me to perform activities such as skydiving and scuba diving? as well is there anything i shouldn't be doing... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation. Does One Last Longer?

From the information i've gathered online, both the Brazilian Buttock Lift and breast augmentation(not the implant kind) utilizes your own fat to augment and lift. but why... READ MORE

Do I have to avoid expressions after restylane injection in the nasolabial fold?

I have very serious obvious deep nasalabial fold, my dr advised me to inject restylane, my dr injected 2 ml for both sides, now i do look better. HOWEVER my dr asked me not to... READ MORE

Is it better to use a blood bag/drain and post op bra or not after breast agumentation?

I consultted two of my final choices hospital both clinics suggest the same thing : incision is underbreast round textured naturalle dual plane moderate approx 270cc.however... READ MORE

Best skin tightening and toning machine? Accent, thermage or any better suggestions?

I wasn't fat to begin with as i exercise&diet,but i have some stubborn fat so i did lipo and my body fat is 7%now.The dr said i can't do lipo/coolscultpting as i have too... READ MORE

What's the difference between Emax Lithium Disilicate and emax veneers?

Are they different or are they the same thing ? which one is better? is emax the strongest material among all veneers? any suggestions will be welcomed thanks READ MORE

Can you tell someone has a butt implant by grabbing their butt? Is the complication/redo rate high? (Photos)

Honestly i dont like the idea of implant but i want more volume and curve, i exercise alot but still cant get a bubble butt. im too skinny to get fat transfer and getting... READ MORE

Combination of fillers+ self fat graft on different areas of face.

I lost 35lbs,i hv thin n saggy skin,much of my fat vanished so i look old.ive done face fgx3,1st 15cc,2nd30cc,3rd time15cc,i look alot younger+better after fg but still saggy... READ MORE

Best remedy for dark circles like mine? (Photo)

No puffiness/eye circles, pure pigmentation-under n above (literally a circle!)plus tear tough. skin is very allergy dont rub eyes constantly.i apply eye cream... READ MORE

Suggestion for dark circles like mine? (Photo)

No puffiness/eye circles,pure pigmentation-under n above(literally a circle)plus tear torough. skin is very allergy dont rub eyes constantly.apply eye cream daily,not... READ MORE

Thin skin saggy face, low fat graft survival rate - implant or filler better for me? I just want to look young.

I have thin skin and face, i did full face graft thrice with prp added,i looked young n i love the results but not only did the fat cells vanish quickly it leaves my face... READ MORE

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