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Unhappy - Boobs Still Too Big After I Downsized from 400cc HP to 250cc LP (25, No Kids) - Las Vegas, NV

I have to chime in as I am so disappointed, devastated and depressed. I have been so frustrated since my surgery over 1 week ago and my fiancé can't take it anymore. I don't have anybody to talk with about my concerns and spend my days crying (instead of working): I got Mentor HP 400cc implants in 2012 which I immediately regretted. I realized that my boob job was simply a big mistake and ... READ MORE

Questions from Katie_92

Safe Filler for Submalar Triangle? Juvederm Voluma Not Recommended by Doctor?

HI: I have a severe volume loss in the cheek area: 2 years ago I got MALAR cheek implants that I like, but now the submalar triangle is even more hollow. I am very fond of... READ MORE

Permanent Philtrum Columns Augmentation + Non-surgical Nose Reshaping? (photo)

In the last few years I regularly (every 3 months) had hyaluronic fillers injected into 1) PHILTRUM COLUMNS I want to have them more defined + prominent (see photo 1) 2) NOSE... READ MORE

Bumpy Cheeks After Juvederm Voluma? (photo)

I had Juvederm Voluma injected (London, U.K) to augment the submalar region of my cheeks. I really like the volume I received, but the cheeks look bumpy (see photo) - even... READ MORE

10 Weeks Post-Botox: Shelve Under Eyes and a Lot of Wrinkles? (photo)

I had Botox a few times with great results. This time I went to a different doctor and I got shelves under the eyes when I smile and a bit of a puffy eye at rest. PLUS a lot of... READ MORE

Boobs still too big after I downsized from 400cc to 235cc. PS claims we cannot go smaller. Is this correct? (Photo)

Had Mentor HP 400/425cc implants replaced to downsize to tiny breasts (GOAL: A/B cup, Kate Moss Look). Showed my PS photos and stressed that I want to look X-small (max.... READ MORE

How to remove/improve scars caused by Fraxel Repair Laser? (photo)

I got a Fraxel Repair treatment about 5 years ago in order to improve my acne scars. Instead the laser created very obvious scars in my lower eye lid area. I am devastated and... READ MORE

How to define jawline and slim down lower face? (Photo)

I never had have a defined jawline (I have been very slim all my life), but now it really starts to bother me. Actually there are two areas I would like to address (see... READ MORE

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After 3 months of holding out and waiting, the only thing I can think of it to be flat chested again. I always liked my tiny boobs and I never wanted to have a bigger chest. I still don't understand why I decided to get a breast... READ COMMENT

I like the tiny cute boob look. But 250cc is by no means a small implant and creates an average size look. With 160cc or so I would get certainly the look I want with only 2cm projection. READ COMMENT

I already picked the Natrelle Inspira Low Profile. Maybe I should have chosen the super low profile. But I also don't like how full they are, the roundness and the cleavage. READ COMMENT

I did this test already. And yes, there is some difference, albeit a fairly small one. However, 230cc was my _upper_ limit. I originally wanted 180cc. And actually my PS should have advised me to go even smaller than 180cc based on what... READ COMMENT