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Sorry too shy. Happy with it so far because it worked better than all the others (Thermage and Titan). READ COMMENT

4 weeks for me to see decent improvement. It made my lashes grow denser as well. I have more lashes growing at the same time now. I only use it 2-3 times a week after the first 3 months. My doctor told me to expect going back to... READ COMMENT

Not sure if we are allowed full names here. If not, sorry Britt, please remove or edit. Thx. Dr. Charles Cheng, Skin Matters Medical Centre in Vancouver, Canada READ COMMENT

Let's put it this way, if you give two hairdressers the same blow dryer and brush, do you think all the results would be the same? I drive differently than my husband. Same Porsche but the ride is always different! I have found... READ COMMENT

Nadiahoney, Just read your new comments. 1. Definitely there is a difference between doctors or clinics. When I did mine, they marked my face very differently from left to right because the doctor noticed major differences between... READ COMMENT