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Are you seeing a wound care specialist? If you take Zinc 50 mg daily with Vitamin C 500mg three times a day that will help with the wound healing. Sorry your incision got infected. READ COMMENT

That is great that you saved up the money and giving yourself a x-mas present. It is hard after the surgery but well worth it. Everyone I talk to says there is no such thing as a great binder. Some doctors are OK with spanks after... READ COMMENT

My friends were to far apart and it was because of the muscle pulling off of the Sternum. There are medications that can be taken to help prevent the capsule from forming. You may want to ask your doctor because the medication is an... READ COMMENT

Some days we just have to cheat so we can do better tomorrow. I love watching TV. That's my escape with a bowl of ice cream. Lol READ COMMENT

My girlfriend had surgery 3 months ago and I helped her for about 10 days after the surgery. It was hard at first because she could not stand up right because of the tummy tuck. She walked bent over for days and her boobies were sore... READ COMMENT