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Bad Experience - Elkton, MD

I had botox injected into my head and neck for migraines. This drug does help me quite a bit but getting to the relief period is a bit painful. The first week or so my headaches are really bad. While it takes a couple weeks for the botox to work the headaches are even worse. This experience was really bad due to the fact that the doctor injected too much in my head and neck this time and now I... READ MORE

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Botox & Chronic Headaches

I am interested in talking to someone who suffers with cronic headaches who have had Botox injected for these headaches READ MORE

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They ( doctors ) won't admit it is the botox..Don't let them tell you any different it is the botox...My doctor treated me the very same way...I use migraine meds, ice, very very hot water from shower standing under it as long as I can.... READ COMMENT

You are so right the botox did cause the headache..I was told it is a side effect from botox but they didn't want to tell me that..I forced it out of them..I will never again have botox and I too had it for severel migraines not any... READ COMMENT

I take imitrex it does take the migraines away but you have to take it on the first onset of the migraine. Nothing over the counter will work..Relpax is another good migraine med..They both work but the first one is cheaper.. I have... READ COMMENT

These doctors do not want to admit that Botox causes headaches..When I first told my doctor he said "Oh thats not true it doesn't cause headaches". I know better..Didn't have them until the botox which was just for headaches not any... READ COMMENT

Dear Mafixit, May I ask your age? The reason I am asking is I too have suffered terrible migraines from the Botox..In fact the headaches lasted about three months until the botox wore off..I had the botox for the headaches it wasn't for... READ COMMENT