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Hi Art. I have had the dissolver too after having juvederm in the tear trough. It looked ridiculous. Very puffy. I had no choice really but to have it removed. The filler didn't cause wrinkles but i did end up with indentation marks on... READ COMMENT

Hi all, just to let you know i went and had the dissolver as i couldn't wait it out (i looked so tired and felt has no confidence). I say an oculoplastic surgeon in Harley St, London. The dissolver worked straight away. I was relieved... READ COMMENT

Hi All, I was wondering how things are for each of you guys now as it's been several months since the last posts. I really hope that things have improved and that the worry and stress of it all has eased. I am looking for some advice as... READ COMMENT

Can I ask if you had any stretched skin from the initial Juvederm? I experienced puffiness and after 3 months it subsided slightly leaving marks to my upper cheeks. I am going to have the hyaluronidase in 2 days and am concerned that it... READ COMMENT

Hi, can I ask how long ago you has this and whether the cheeks problem improves with time at all? Will keep you updated. READ COMMENT