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silicone chin implant removal - if you make the mistake of having one put in... you can get it out! - Denver, CO

I had my implant in for approx 3 years. I went into a Denver surgeon's office for a little lipo under the neck AND HE RECOMMENDED A CHIN IMPLANT - WOULD ENHANCE MY LOOKS! Don't fall for this crap! Why would anyone recommend something that never bothered you?? Only now do I realize how crappy this is. But I did it. SUCH A MISTAKE. First of all - if you are doing ANYTHING with your face..... READ MORE

My Chin Implant Experience - Denver, CO

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon as my double chin (which really wasn't that bad) was bothering me. Age taking hold, and even tho I am considered fit, it was there and it just bothered me. Very little to do there, but the surgeon suggested I would get an A+ result with a tiny chin implant. RIGHT NOW, I wish I had just gone with the B+ result and had the neck lipo ONLY... but I... READ MORE

Questions from Chins

Is It Normal to Still Have Swelling in the Chin Area 5 Weeks Post Chin Implant/neck Lipo?

I had a chin implant and neck lipo 5 weeks ago. My chin looks slightly bolbous making it look and feel like it is too big. Could it still be slightly swollen? My lower lip... READ MORE

How will a chin look AFTER an implant is removed? Will it look weird to go back? How long before you can go back to work?

I got an implant 3 years ago. I'm not happy with the way it looks. Will the chin and even more importantly the SMILE go back to the way it was before? I am 44. Would appreciate... READ MORE

Can a doctor PLEASE share a successful chin implant REMOVAL story with the group? And pictures?

It would be really fantastic if Doctors could share a successful chin implant removal (not replacement, not anything but removal) story and pictures with the group. READ MORE

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Just a quick update. No nothin'! I'm not sure if it's age or genetics.... but think about a person that has lost weight - or even a pregnant woman.... your skin shrinks back. I'm not saying this is the case for everyone but my chin... READ COMMENT

Recovery is tough when you get a chin implant. It's major surgery and you are putting something in your face. The good news is you heal. And sounds like that once you do you can get it removed. It's hard to be patient but that's all... READ COMMENT

You are not alone. I woke up this morning feeling even more grateful it is out! READ COMMENT

I am just over a week out and it's still a little tender but the removal was NOTHING like the insertion and the recovery seems almost over. Any swelling or super tenderness I have had has all but subsided. The best part is that I HAVE... READ COMMENT