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Sad Legs- I went to three surgeons in the end and one said exactly the same as the one you saw- that the swelling would not make the procedure worth it (the other two agreed to do it but one was a dermatologist and not a plastic... READ COMMENT

Hi Sad Legs, I am now 8 weeks post op and I still do get swelling every day at the end of the day. It is worse if I have had a full on day on my feet. The swelling is noticable to me (it is quite uncomfortable) but my legs still... READ COMMENT

Hi again, I am now nearly 1 week post-op and am already amazed with the results. I can already see that my legs are much slimmer and I don't have that much swelling at all. Having said that, I only had the procedure done around my... READ COMMENT

Hi there Lulugrrl! How are things going with you now? I bet you are wearing a miniskirt every day of the week now! I am having my op on Monday! Right now I am pretty excited but I think this may turn to nerves over the next few days.... READ COMMENT

Wow lulugrrl. What amazing results! Your legs look so natural too. No wonder you have bought up large on skirts! I have my op at the end of May. So looking forward to my results (although not the op so much!) READ COMMENT