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Difference Between Old CO2 Laser and Fraxel Repair?

I had the CO2 laser done about 12 years ago and am considering trying the Fraxel Repair in an effort to turn back the clock a little. How different are the results of the two... READ MORE

Will Botox Injections Before Fraxel Repair Produce Better Results?

I am planning to have Fraxel Repair, and have heard that having Botox injections a couple of weeks before having laser treatment will yield better results. Is this true? I... READ MORE

Botox for Relaxing Scar Tension?

Will Botox help relax the tension from a healing raised horizontal scar in the small hollow at the base of my neck, where the Fraxel Repair laser treatment ended? This area... READ MORE

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Hi Chula, I also live in Honolulu, Hi and have had my first Radiesse treatment a couple of days ago but not in the lips, and so far it looks fine. But wanted to ask you how your lips look now, have the lumps softened up yet? Could... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the asking your nurse Chai. After reading so many posts on this forum and also on EDS forum, everyone's experience is so different. Some shedding more than others, some having different lash growth in each eye, etc. etc... READ COMMENT

Pitty, I don't know how to edit my post once it is up there. But I wanted to say that the "other forum" contributor did not specifically say that she had no shedding. I would assume that she may have shed, but not in a significantly... READ COMMENT

Anyone have any views on lash shedding? I have been reading on another forum, many people complaining about lash shedding after several months, and some even complaining their lashes returning to pre-lumigan length. Has anyone out... READ COMMENT

Hi Ladies, Chai, Ariana, Nipchick & Suzg, I am hoping that all the forum users take your valuable advice and NOT MENTION ANY PHARMACY NAMES AGAIN. So many of us here on the forum are contactable via private message and we are happy... READ COMMENT