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@Tom, I apologize. It seemed appropriate given the nature of the question, however no harm was intended. I enjoy this community and would not want to compromise the quality of the site. Is there a way I can edit or remove my post? Thanks. READ COMMENT

Christine1983, those burn are from an IMPROPERLY placed grounding pad. No where in our training were we instructed to place the grounding pad on the stomach. The treatment protocols instruct the technician to place the pad on the thigh,... READ COMMENT

Pcolalaser, thank you for being a heroic voice on this forum. Safety is everything. Hopefully your words of wisdom have prevented unnecessary injury. READ COMMENT

@Britt, although a topical numbing cream sounds good at first, I would not recommend it for two reasons. #1: The Exilis pushes the heat deep into the subcutaneous tissue in order to treat the intended fat cells (which are BENEATH the... READ COMMENT

This post is long, so I warn you in advance, but I will address both the burn issue, and the baby oil/gel issue. First, I want to reiterate previous posters that Exilis treatment is NOT SUPPOSED TO HURT. Please do not continue to... READ COMMENT