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Not Sure So Far. Little Hard to Make Expressions. // - Oregon

Had it done a week ago on the forehead for the first time. My experience is mixed so far. I really loved it for the first few days and then I started feeling like it might be a little much. It's hard to make normal expressions and this is weird for me. I Hope the effects dont increase at all at this point and hopefully decrease or soften a bit. I like it but really hope we didn't... READ MORE

Questions from nightshayde

Could a Hot Compress Increase/affect Diffusion of Dysport?

I had dysport on my forehead a week ago for the first time. After a few days I had a headache so I used one of those pillows that you put in the microwave and heat up.. I use... READ MORE

Will Dysport Effects Soften Sooner Than They Dissipate?

Had Dysport on the forehead a week ago for the first time; I am generally happy but feel its just slightly stronger of an effect than I was hoping for. Everything looks ok and... READ MORE

What is the Real Deal with Fixing Inverted Nipples/ Sensitivity Loss?

Hi I'm 45 with inverted nipples my whole life. How it looks doesn't really bother me, the problem is they are very sensitive, but never can get erect during intimacy.... READ MORE

Dysport Gave Me Wrinkles, Will They Go Away?

My dr did a good job but still I have HATED the results of dysport. I hate not being able to be expressive with my eyes and I dont feel myself. Its been two months and I have a... READ MORE

Really Awful New Wrinkles from Dysport, What are my Options? (photo)

Hi I am 3 months from having dysport. As it has worn off, some -huge- new wrinkles appeared on the right side of my forehead. In the 'before' pics above, the right side... READ MORE

Dysport Gone Wrong: Can This Be Fixed? When Will This Resolve? Is There a Treatment? (photo)

Hi, I went to a reputable plastic surgeon but something went really wrong. I am NOT frowning in the second picture. That is how it looks, -completely- at rest. He can't... READ MORE

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did you go back to "normal" when it all wore off?

Ok I am just wondering, did you go back to 'normal' after everything wore off or did you not? if you went back totally to 'normal' how long did it take? did you... READ MORE

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I understand completely... you will get better.. im still having improvements after 4 years. you will get better it takes a long time. i have not gone back to 'normal' though and some of this has permanently changed me. the drs and... READ COMMENT

Im almost four years out my face is still not normal. i had to cut my hair to cover it. sorry to say. my health is starting to recover though although its been a difficult four years of some pretty severe health issues. there is no... READ COMMENT

Hi austin this has completely messed up my social life and pretty much all my life. yes this toxin definitely causes psychiatric symptoms in many people. but also looking like a freak and feeling like death for years on end, when you... READ COMMENT

Oh, about doctors: i have only talked with 2 doctors who have been honest about what happened during this entire time...... one was a very expensive and very busy plastic surgeon in beverly hills.. he told me that what happened to our... READ COMMENT

I think i mentioned this somewhere else but i did have enlarged bands of skin in several places under my forehead. some were running down the middle of my forehead, (in the frontalis) and some are in the right corrugator (the one that... READ COMMENT