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I went to a clinic recently for nlite but the lady advised me there are two types of nlite? (photo)

One for spots and one for redness. She said the one for redness would leave me bruised but the other one doesnt do anything really. So obviously I went with the one she... READ MORE

Is it possible for Nlite to scar. Also should Glycolic and vascular mode be used on old scars?

The lady used a glycolic 30% and went over my face in vascular mode I was told bruising would last 3-5 days. I got dark blood marks instead that lasted over 2 weeks and became... READ MORE

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Same here March 2009 when my face was ruined with burns and scars. 6 years on and so sad to think how it has consumed my life and pocket :0( READ COMMENT

Believe me it may not have even made a difference if you was treated by Dr Gupta. I Myself like you saved up to see the best and go to the best? Clinic. The treatments were rushed they was no after care given until I asked and it was... READ COMMENT

I also went to the same clinic as you for the same reasons ie: scarring and them being the best etc! I was however treated by dr gupta himself. My treatment's were for scarring on cheeks I had 3 treatments the same as you. I wouldn't... READ COMMENT

Hey iv been doing dermaroller on my face and it has deffinatly improved loads!! and i know i can trust myself to do it right dont need to risk trusting over qualified idiots that actually dont give a crap and use us like guinea pigs to... READ COMMENT

Hi Lisa im from nottingham in the uk & have always struggled with my confidence i went to ask the lady at the clinic about pixel laser after i saw it on an embarrassing boddies programme in the uk. i had not long had my first daughter... READ COMMENT