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Botox for Foreheads

I got botox shots for the area between my eyebrows. They did three shots in that area. After a couple of days it kicked in and the muscle that moves the brows together didn't move when I tried to make them. It lasted a little over three months and slowly wore off. Now I just try to not move my... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal on Dark Skin

I did laser hair removal on underarms and knees to ankles. I have medium dark skin. It got rid of some of it but not all of it. After a few years it seemed like some of what was gone was coming back. I suppose I will go back for some more removal appointments. It was worth having less hair for... READ MORE

For Smooth Skin

I buy microdermabrasion treatments when they are on sale. I will pay up to $60 for it but that is tops. Often, ads will be running special for half that. I like how it gets all the dead skin cells off and makes my skin feel smooth. I don't listen to any claims beyond skin smoothing because it... READ MORE

I Like the Bleaching Trays Better

I have bleached my teeth off and on over the years. I usually use the bleaching trays with opalescense. I tried the zoom teeth whitening but didn't think it was all that much better than the trays for the money. I will just stick with opalescense. I like my dentist and recommend his office,... READ MORE

They Can Change the Lip Colors on Permanent Makeup

I had a permanent makeup eyeliner procedure many years ago. At first it was good but wasn't as dark as I wear it or didn't show through my darker skin well enough so she did it again and that did the trick. I wanted my lips done also but she wouldn't do it. She said all kinds of bad things... READ MORE

Lower Lip Pout with Restylane

I have been getting Restylane injections in my lower lip to fill it out better. I have been happy with the look but get tired of having to spend money to redo it all the time. I plan to get a bottom lip permanent implant but just don't know which implant I want. I do know I don't want an... READ MORE

Keloid Scars After Breast Implants

I had breast implants and love the way they look, but I had a little trouble with keloid scarring afterward. I am full blooded Indian. I have read that dark skinned individuals might have that happen. When I have stayed out of the sun my skin is not that dark, but the least little bit of sun... READ MORE