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Six Months Down the Road... Denver, CO

I have described my experience elsewhere on this forum, but wanted to update quickly. Not worth the money. And to boot, I have these strange lumps that appear under my skin randomly. Never had before and they come and go like pimples but never come to a head. Just strange bumps similar to a mosquito bite without the itch. My skin doesn't show that much improvement overall. I wish I had... READ MORE

DOT Laser Diary

I am so glad to have found this forum...Wish I would have found it prior to my DOT laser treatment to have a bit more realistic idea of what to expect.  I want to record my experience here for the benefit of anyone looking into it. My main goal in having this done was to treat the smoker's wrinkles around my mouth.  I  quit about 3 years ago, and this year, for my 61st... READ MORE

SmartXide Not Worth the Pain and $$$

I have detailed my experience elsewhere on this site, but just want to say that after three months, I really feel like this was definately not worth the money. The results are minimal. The pain and long recovery were so underplayed by the doctor that it really makes me angry. My Christmas was not ruined by the fact that I was too horrible looking to be seen outside, but it did cause me to... READ MORE

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Yes, Jane...true that we all have a different experience. I'm sure much of it is based on skin type. One thing I don't think I've ever mentioned...My doc, although I never would have requested it, did my upper chest/neck area. This was... READ COMMENT

Yes...I still get the bumps and it's August 2011. Wish I had my money back because it sure was wasted on this proceedure :-) READ COMMENT

It's been 5+ months since my proceedure. I am curious if anyone out there has had any skin bumps (for lack of a better word!)? The last few weeks, I notice my skin seems to be prone to getting these under the skin eruptions...not at... READ COMMENT

Reading about a couple of women's experience getting the cold sores, I wanted to suggest the use of organic expellar pressed coconut oil on your face during the healing phase. Studies have proven it to be anti viral. I chose not to... READ COMMENT

Hey girls... Time for a quick update. It's been 4 weeks today since my DOT laser treatment. I never thought I'd get to this point. Finally look back to normal other than still have red lines on sides of mouth and what feels like... READ COMMENT