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Rhinoplasty Mr Gore Spire Reading - Reading, GB

I'm having a consultation next week for rhinoplasty and cheek implants. I've previously used fillers but want a more permanent result. I'm very nervous as its my face so haven't yet decided if i will go ahead with surgery. Has anyone had any experience of Mr Gore or spire Reading? Any insight or advice would be appreciated .......will update following consultations READ MORE

Aesthetics Guru - Dr Mustafa Ganijee Manchester

Had fillers today to straighten my nose as part of a non surgical nose job. At the same time had subtle enhancement to cheeks, tear troughs and lips all to aid symmetry. The results are really natural I'm very happy. Dr Mustafa was very friendly and reassuring as I was pretty nervous and took plenty of time to carefully make changes to my appearance. I look the same but just younger and... READ MORE

Ruptured PIP Implants Removed Replaced with Motiva 415cc. Birmingham, GB

I had pip in 2006 and had signs and symptoms of a rupture for some time (stinging, lumps, etc) so arranged an ultra sound and it was confirmed they had split and leaked with some silicone it's time to remove them before they do more harm. Ultrasound was conducted 11th and surgery was 23rd Nov so fairly quick. I was very nervous as my first augmentation was very difficult to... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Female 50kg Vaser In 3 Areas - Manchester, GB

Well I've just had vaser in three areas, flanks and inner/outer thighs. I thought I would start reviewing from the first instance as I found the other stories really reassuring. They removed less than a litre in total so I will wait and see how satisfied I am with the results. I would be lying if I said it wasn't was. The injecting of the anaesthetic was by far the worst part and... READ MORE

Questions from Imperfect83

I have a ruptured pip implant with silicone bleed into breast tissue and nodes. Will this be as traumatic & difficult recovery?

I had an ultra sound lumps in left breast are silicone bleed however when my plastic surgeon he stated he won't be removing them just cleaning out the original pocket. Is this... READ MORE

How long after Vaser liposuction can I fly?

I'm having revision vaser to my flanks and a small amount to one thigh as they are uneven. My surgery has been canx twice by the surgeon due to overbooking and now the date... READ MORE

3 days since submalar cheek implants inserted, how long before sensation returns to my lip and I can smile again?

I understood that there would be swelling and bruising after having a small implant inserted through my mouth but I'm really concerned with the lack of sensation in my upper... READ MORE

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Yeah I can do about a half smile so I'm looking forward to the 3 week point to see if I can regain the same as you. I feel exactly like that! I try to laugh along and nothing much moves and I'm still really aware of them in there. Your... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for your review. I'm 12 days post op (for small implants and rhinoplasty) still really scared! I can't really smile my top lip isn't that mobile and still a fair bit of numbness. My surgeon hadn't warned me so have... READ COMMENT

Thank you for the reassurance I hadn't read anything that said I'd lose feeling / movement in my top lip so really relieved to hear you experienced something similar READ COMMENT

Hello wow quite some transformation journey! I've just had a rhinoplasty and cheek implants and wondered if I could get some feedback on your recovery? I'm only 5 days post op I expected bruising and swelling but the thing stressing me... READ COMMENT

Hi thank you for all your posts I followed them for a while before going ahead at the spire. I'm 3 days post surgery but the thing that is scaring me the most is the fact my top lip is totally numb and I can't smile? Is this stitches... READ COMMENT