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Dr. Nunn is the Best! - Atlanta, GA

Sooo this is my first review! I have been a member of this app since 2015 but I've been wanting a nose job for... as long as I can remember honeslty. I am a 19 year old female who has had several injuries to my nose due to sports all throughout my life. I have a big dorsal hump, long "triangle-looking" nose and its crooked. I have always hated my nose and have been extremely embarrassed of it.... READ MORE

Questions from smokeycat4

I want a natural looking nose but don't want drastic change. What should I get done? (photos)

I've always hated my nose. I want to get ride of the hump but I feel once that is gone, the tip will be too "strong" and look as though I have a triangle-shaped nose with a... READ MORE

How can I be certain I am choosing the most qualified doctor for a rhinoplasty?

Ive wanted a rhinoplasty for years & am still searching in the areas surrounding me for a doctor I trust. I want to chose a doctor that is both specialized in rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Should I REALLY find another doctor for a consultation if I loved the first one?

I went to a doctor for a consult for rhinoplasty- this was my first consultation& first experience with a plastic surgeon. I loved him and agree with every thing he said... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a low-grade temperature after surgery?

Post-op day 2&3 I've ran a temp around 99.6. I called my surgeon and he said that is normal after surgery to run slightly high. But this morning, post-op day 4, I'm running... READ MORE

Does my incision sight look normal? I am 5 days post-op. (photos)

I'm still having a little bit of drainage, but it's mostly just mucus, and it's not enough to wear a drip gauze anymore. I'm so sorry these pics look so gross haha but I just... READ MORE

Can sneezing after rhinoplasty damage my nose?

I am 2 weeks post-op rhinoplasty. I have dissolvable stitches on the inside of my nose. I've been able to avoid sneezing until the last 2 days. I have very bad allergies so I... READ MORE

Can/should I put sunscreen on my incision site if I'm going to be exposed to the sun? I am almost 4 weeks post-op.

I no longer have stitches but my incision sight is still pretty promenade/visible. There isn't any open sores but but the scar is hasn't started fading yet. I'm going to the... READ MORE

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Please make sure you update us!!!! I can't wait to see it!! I already know he's going to do an amazing job:) READ COMMENT

Heheh thank you, yes ma'am he did! You couldn't tell from my pictures, but my tip was shaped very weird, is was pointed but also had like almost looked like a small knot, idk how to explain it lol. But I told him I was my hump gone,... READ COMMENT

Hehe thanks love! Can't wait to see yours in 2 days!!!! Even though it's gonna be swollen, I already know it's going to look freakin great!!! READ COMMENT

Thank you so so much!! :) READ COMMENT

Yessss gurllll lookin good!! I can't believe how little swelling and pain you've had! Your process is a walk in the park compared to mine!! Lololol I CANT WAIT TO SEE IT READ COMMENT