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Congratulations to you! I think this is the best under eye improvement ever. I may have to go to Indiana! READ COMMENT

I just saw your trip for the first time and loved your storytelling and now that it is over I have to tell you that you look absolutely beautiful! Best to you! READ COMMENT

I am happy for you - Looks good overall. My question is - could they have used a different type of tape that would not be so abusive? I would consider having the surgery only if a non-abusive tape were used. READ COMMENT

Glad I read this as I could not believe this woman was only 32 years old until I saw that she weighed 347 lbs. Wow - Wish you well! READ COMMENT

In my case, four years and still not completely disolved - I see others here that it lasted for more than 5 years. We need professional help. READ COMMENT