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You are looking so fabulous! You are living the dream! I'm very happy you are getting well and will be able to enjoy your new body. We are all watching your transformation and it inspires us I know! READ COMMENT

How are you doing with recovery? READ COMMENT

Yes, I remember when I had my gallbladder removed I had no desire to eat anything and it freaked me out. I had to really make myself eat then and it was mostly just making some potato soup. At least from that experience I'll know a... READ COMMENT

Thanks Puggymom! Yes, before now I wouldn't have thought of needing to have alot of protein but that is something I will add to my list. You really are looking wonderful and just imagine when you are all healed! My doctor tells me if I... READ COMMENT

I went through the comments but I didn't see where you said how your incision opened up? Your body is really healing up well though! I would have been freaking out too. I'm going for my first consultation in two weeks, I was wondering... READ COMMENT