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NL Injections - Love the Look, no downtime.

Very relaxing, doctor very informative, virtually painless. Juvederm ultra injected into very minor naso-labial folds just beginning to show my age. total confidence in doctor, he really listened to my needs and injected conservatively. LOVE the way I look right now, 10 years younger! I just hope the "effects" of the product aren't just the swelling from the injections. Will... READ MORE

Questions from esme229

Best Method for Injecting Around the Tear Trough Area?

I know some practitioners inject straight up into the tear trough and then from above down the cheek bone; others use a "cross-hatching" method all along the... READ MORE

Can an LED Device Metabolize Facial Fat?

A friend recently gave me an "anti-aging" LED device with red and amber LED lights, as well as infrared lights. The lights are similar, apparently, to the... READ MORE

Is There a Filler Available in US That Doesn't Cause Tyndall Effect?

I want to get a little filler injected under my eyes to soften the tear trough line, but I am afraid of the "Tyndall Effect." I can see a little bluish tint in my... READ MORE

Is Juvederm Contra-indicated for Undereye Use?

I have an appointment for a Juvederm touch-up in my nasio-labial folds, and i wanted the Dr. to place the leftovers around my tear trough area. I don't want the trough resolved... READ MORE

Are Injectable Fillers Detectable Under Blacklight?

I am interested in knowing this, because my dermatologist is fond of using a blacklight to look at pigmentation on my skin, and I have not told her I have injectable fillers in... READ MORE

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Well, some of us are lucky. i took the bus home, went out several hours afterward, and had minimal bruising 3 days afterward that was easily covered by makeup. i followed all other post-procedure directions, such as icing, arnica, etc... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your reply. it has been about 3 weeks and the effects have diminished somewhat, but as you state, the overall effect is that the lines or folds are much softer and less noticeable. the look is very natural, and i just... READ COMMENT

Update: the swelling has gone down, and while I definitely looked better the first couple days (amazing how "puffiness" looks so good when you aren't used to it!), the nl folds are much much softer and barely noticeable. i hope this... READ COMMENT