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Questions from Nestea

Possible to Reuse Columella Strut In Revision?

I had primary rhinoplasty 1.5 yrs ago mostly tip augmentation work, which the tip is over-rotated. I am now seeking revision rhinoplasty to bring the tip down, probably with... READ MORE

Will Shortening the Columella Strut Cause Both Deprojection and Derotation of the Tip?

Quick question to all you nose experts! I had a columella strut placed to support a tip graft. Will shortening the strut cause both deprojection and derotation the tip? Thanks! READ MORE

Nasal Osteotomies. Does This Narrow Both the Ventral and Dorsal Width?

I was just curious if lateral osteotomies (high-low-high) narrow both the ventral and the dorsal width of the nose. Or is it juts an illusion that makes either one more narrow?... READ MORE

Wear Glasses with Grafts?

Hi All! I will be getting fascia over my bridge to cover up deformities in my revision rhino, and was wondering how long post-op that I wont be able to wear glasses, so the... READ MORE