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Implants are not safe, they trigger the immune system. Pls don't rush and read about hundred of women online regretting losing their health to a stupid curve in their cloths. READ COMMENT

Consultations are free because once you get in the door your money is theirs. I'm not exaggerating, surgeon see all their patient return with problems but they won't tell you about it. Why would they, you'd never get the implants if you... READ COMMENT

Both saline and silicone will be rejected by your immune system. You may want to he implants anyway (I also didn't want to believe anything negative) so be ready to spend another 7-9,000 to have them removed later and deal with the... READ COMMENT

There a misinformation in the medical and plastic surgeons world that implants are non toxic. It's a financial cover. Please get your information before booking your appointment. Losing your health at such a young age, with all the... READ COMMENT

Implants are always a problem. Im so sorry to give bad news. READ COMMENT