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Granulomatous Reaction to Radiesse - Los Angeles, CA

Approximately one year ago, I received Radiesse injections in an attempt to level some acne scars on my cheeks. Instead of filling the scars like I had asked, the nurse injector (mistake #1) decided that my cheeks needed filling. Within a day after the injections, my face swelled and looked... READ MORE

Botox in Masseter Muscle for Jaw Contouring -Los Angeles, CA

I've had this done multiple times over the past couple of years to contour the jawline. I have a pretty significant case of TMJ, and over the years it had taken a toll on my teeth (being worn down) and my face. My face always looked swollen and puffy regardless of what I weighed. ... READ MORE

Questions from mfan17

What is the ideal? I've been getting Botox injections to slim the masseter muscles consistently for 2 years.

Overall, I really like the effect. My question is, at what point does the face become too tapered and appear abnormal and not in harmony with other facial features, especially... READ MORE

Does dermabrasion destroy the adnexal structures that are necessary to heal after a resurfacing procedure?

Does Dermabrasion (ablative, not microdermabrasion) preclude future laser procedures (co2, erbium)? If one does focal, spot dermabrasion to contour deep acne scars, does that... READ MORE

Is ear cartilage adequate for typical Asian Rhinoplasty patient?

In the typical Asian rhinoplasty patient, is there enough ear cartilage to augment the bridge AND to increase projection and length of the nose? Are there any particular... READ MORE

3 months post-op. How soon after the operation can Dermabrasion (not microdermabrasion) be repeated?

I recently had a spot dermabrasion procedure localized to just the left cheek area. At this point, it has been 3 months since the dermabrasion, which was done to soften acne... READ MORE

Are I-shaped silastic implants a good option? Do they reduce the complications associated with traditional L-shaped implants?

Do I-shaped silastic implants used only on the bridge greatly reduce the complications associated with traditional L-shaped implants? From my research, it seems most of of the... READ MORE

Puffy nipples : Does this require only glandular excision or can this be treated by liposuction alone? (photos)

I have always had puffy nipples regardless of my weight. Currently at 16% body fat (could be in better shape). 1. Will this require glandular excision or can this be treated by... READ MORE

What's considered an effective, yet conservative dose for Hyaluronidase to dissolve excess filler?

I have seen considerable variability in terms of the concentration of hyaluronidase to dissolve excess filler. If the goal is to "spot reduce" unwanted lumps of excess filler,... READ MORE

Does Hyaluronidase pose a risk for skin resurfacing?

I recently had Restylane injected in some acne scars, however, the results were subpar and I ended up looking lumpy. Consequently, I had the Restylane dissolved with... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty - How Many Millimeters is too much Augmentation?

For the typical Asian Rhinoplasty patient with a low nose bridge, what is considered a high amount of augmentation? Is 4mm of augmentation considered too aggressive and would... READ MORE

Can ear cartilage grafts in Asian Rhinoplasty be reduced / trimmed if there is TOO much projection?

I have had Asian Rhinoplasty done with a gore-tex graft placed on the bridge and ear cartilage grafts at the tip for projection. Unfortunately, I feel the amount of... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty - What are the consequences of removing ear cartilage grafted to the tip for projection?

I understand it is relatively easy to remove an artificial implant. But my question is about removing ear cartilage that was grafted to the tip for projection. If my desire is... READ MORE

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I think you really need to get caught up on the science of Sculptra. READ COMMENT

No it doesn't leave your body. It is not a liquid, but a powder that is reconstituted with water before injection. The particles remain in the skin, which causes a foreign body reaction. The body creates scarring to wall off this... READ COMMENT

Sculptra is basically powderized vicryl sutures. If you have ever had sutures in for too long, you will know that the body rejects them and tries to push them out. Sculptra is pulverized suture material in powder form, which is then... READ COMMENT

It is not a liquid. It is a powder that is reconstituted with bacteriostatic water a day before injection. READ COMMENT

This is grounds for a law suit. Radiesse can NOT be injected into the lips? How can this doctor not know something so basic or that it is not hyaluronic acid? READ COMMENT