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Is It Possible To Fix Gum Recession Between my Two Front Teeth Which Got Worse During Braces?

I still have few months until I get done with braces and I am very concerned about this issue. I was told that getting veneers or bonding won't help much as it won't... READ MORE

I Have a Gum Recession Be tween Two Front Teeth While Having Braces

That created a black triangle between my two front upper teeth. My orthodontist said that shaving a small amount of teeth in order to bring them closer is not an option because... READ MORE

Could Chin Augmentation Be An Alternative To Jaw Surgery?

I was advised by my orthodontist to do have a jaw surgery done prior braces to fix my overbite but I was afraid and didn't do so. Braces that I have now seem to partially... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Do a Bone Graft in Order to Close Black Triangle Between the Teeth?

I was told that I have a bone loss between two front teeth and therefore a gum graft can't work to close a black triangle between two front teeth. I had a minor gum... READ MORE

Could a Chin Implant Be an Alternative To Jaw Surgery To Correct Overbite?

I have a slight overbite but refused to do a jaw surgery. Is it possible to correct my chin profile? Could be the result the shown on a second photo be achieved and how? If a... READ MORE

Is It Dangerous To Use 20% Salicylic Acid/Chemical Peel to Get Rid of Blackheads on a Body and Face?

I would like to try this peel and I saw that it's possible to buy it without prescription. Is it dangerous to use without consulting a dermatologist? READ MORE

Can Veneers Be Done for Just Two Front Teeth to Close the Space Between Them?

Or they will they look much different comparing to the rest upper teeth? I heard that most of the time people get 6 or 8 veneers at once, but I am on a budget. Would be direct... READ MORE

Is There More Risk with Bigger Chin Implant Than Small One?

And is it possible to have a big chin implant without making a chin/face look longer? READ MORE

Will Injectable Fillers Fix a Black Triangle Between Front Teeth?

I have a gum recession and bone loss between my two front upper teeth which looks like a black triangle.. Veneers would look too wide if I do them to close it. If the bone/gum... READ MORE

Are Dermal Fillers a Good Alternative For Filling Black Triangles?

I consulted several periodontists about my black triangle issue. They agreed that bone/gum graft won't work in my case because of the bone loss. Recently I've read... READ MORE

How is Hypermobile Lip Surgery is Performed and What is the Average Cost?

I have a gummy smile and my teeth shape is not short. I was told by cosmetic dentist that gum re-countering is not an option. I've heard about Hypermobile Lip Surgery. How... READ MORE

Can a Crown Replacement Be Done While Having Braces?

I am at the end of braces treatment. I have a crown on one before last back tooth that has to be replaced because of decay under it. There is no braces bracket on that tooth.... READ MORE

Eyebags Since Young Age- Is Surgery A Long-Term Solution?

I have bags under my eyes since I was a child. Now when I'm almost 40 it really makes me look older than I am. I was wondering, if under eye bags are hereditary, can the... READ MORE

What Happens if I Swallowed a Piece of Crown That Broke on a Tooth?

What Happens if I Swallowed a Piece of Crown That Broke on a Tooth? READ MORE

My Temporary Crown on the Back Tooth Came Off- Do I Need To Cement Temporarily Until Dentist Visit?

I can see the doctor in two days only because it's a weekend. Can I just wait two days and not to put it back until I see my dentist or I have to glue it with the temporary... READ MORE

Disadvantages To Porcelain Crown at the Same Visit?

Are there any disadvantages in that type of a crown? READ MORE

Can Teeth Bleaching Contribute to Gum Recession?

I had been using Venus Pro 16% bleaching kit for only few days and it seems like my gum recession got worse. Can bleaching make gum recession to progress further?? READ MORE

What Can Be That Bluish Color on my Front Teeth Edges?

I had that for a while, maybe few years. Is this permanent? READ MORE

Tooth Sensitivity After Bonding?

I got my teeth bonded few weeks ago...and sometimes feel sensitivity (while eating) on one of my teeth that has a bonding since that procedure. Any cure? Thank you. READ MORE

What Can Be Cons to Have Both - a White Filling and a Silver Filling on the Same Tooth (#2)?

I had a decay on tooth #2 under my old silver filling . My dentist used a white filling to fix the problem, yet he didn't remove the whole old silver filling, only a part of it... READ MORE

Periodontist Recommended An Osseous Surgery Due to Deep Pockets Around my Back Lower and Upper Teeth, Is There An Alternative?

I am worried that this will cause my teeth become more sensitive that they already are. I also don't like the way they may look after this type of surgery. Is there any... READ MORE