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Doctor Review

BBL first timer good experience

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Brazilian Butt Lift

18 Jan 2017, Created 5 months ago

Moises Salama, MD

5 out of 5 stars

Please so far with Salama. Straight forward to the point, he's know for great body contouring so looking forward to final results. Wish I had a little more one-on-one time to express wants/concerns. Did see him quickly post-op day and first massage day. Confident in his experience and good to see at the house that there are returning patients. READ MORE

Treatment Review

BBL first timer

Brazilian Butt Lift

18 Jan 2017, Updated 4 months ago

Approaching week 4. It's a LONG process, when they say you can return to work after a week or two that is if you are ok letting people know about your procedure or coming up with a convincing excuse. The garments are annoying (w/ pads/boards) and make you look big, the no sitting is driving me... READ MORE

Great Experience - Palo Alto, CA

(price includes mini TT and BA) Pro's: Fuller, natural, soft, desired size, a little lift (without formal lift) Con's; There is a scar (still healing). Even with try on sizes hard to imagine real results without them being on/in you! Overall very happy, if I did it over I would go with moderate profile instead of low profile and possibly even 325cc instead of 300cc not sure...... READ MORE

Questions from MissTee7

Vaser/Smart Lipo or Tummy-tuck?

I'm 27, with 2 children, 5'3" 125lb. I have some loose skin on my lower abdomen, not noticeable when standing though when I bend over it's an issue - gets like... READ MORE

Post-op BBL massages (styles, finding a place to go)

After my BBL the dr provided 2 massages that were like deep-tissue lymphatic (painful) but once I flew home I found a place but they won't do the deep part until 3-4 weeks but... READ MORE

Is a revision BBL procedure quicker recovery?

I'm only 4 weeks post op but I see that my hips seem to not be even and the butt looks good now (waiting for final results) but if I were to do a small revision to hips and if... READ MORE