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Under my eyes and in my laugh lines - Restylane Injections

I received Restylane injections under my eyes and in my laugh lines. The doctor put too much under my eyes and although it was smooth and gave my cheek bones some lift, it was a bit too swollen under my eyes. She removed some but did a lousy job and it looked like i had 2 track marks under one eye and under the other eye, it occasionally looked lumpy. 6 months later, I consulted with 2 other... READ MORE

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Can Hyaluronidase Injections Dissolve Juvederm Several Months Later?

I had Juvederm injected in my laugh lines and under my eyes to fill out the hollows. It was too swollen and the doctor dissolved some of it with enzyme, but she did it... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase to Remove Restylane a Year Later?

I had Restylane injections a little over a year ago. I received Hyaluronidase injections to reduce too much of the product. It was removed unevenly and a year later, it is... READ MORE

Worm-like Bumps After Restylane

I received Restylane injections over a year ago for laugh lines. Instead of diminishing the lines, it created two worm-like bumps under the surface of my skin, which haven't... READ MORE

Can Fat Herniation After Restylane Look Different Every Day?

You had responded to a previous question indicating that the puffiness under my eyes cannot be due to Restylane injected a year ago. You stated it looked like fat herniation... READ MORE

Phenol Peel, TCA Peel or Laser for Undereye Wrinkles and Crepiness? (photo)

I am 45 years old with thin skin and I want to address under eye wrinkles, crepiness and bags. I am frightened of damaging fragile tissue with a laser, after reading so many... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Surgically Remove 4 Yr Old Filler From Under Eyes? (photo)

Is it possible to surgically remove filler (Juvaderm) injected 4 years ago under the eyes? Ive had multiple hyaluronidase (at least 6 or 7) and 1 steroid injection which failed... READ MORE

Can a Laser or Chemical Peel to the Under Eye Area Aggravate Edema?

I have sagging and crepy skin under the eye and I am considering a chemical or laser peel. However, I also have puffiness, in part, due to occasional edema (and fillers, as... READ MORE

Recession in Lower Face Better Treated with Chin Implant or Sculptra/Radiesse? (photo)

Due to uneven planes in lower region of my face, I am wondering if chin implant would not address all problem and if there is more flexibility in sculpting/refining overall... READ MORE

How Can Upper Blephoroplasty Address Dynamic Upper Lids and Impact Edema? (photo)

I was told by doctors that I could benefit from upper eye lid surgery. The issue is, my eyes look different every day; even the folds of skin seem to take on different... READ MORE

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Steroids- I'm not quite sure - perhaps it helped a little in long term. I only did steroids once so repeating it might have helped more...but the eye area is so thin and has had so many injections, I just felt that further trauma was... READ COMMENT

Con't In the "4 hour work week", the author states that if you want to make a decision that you know people wont support (and you don't want their input), do it and tell them after its done. Also, I am in your boat - I don't HATE... READ COMMENT

Hi, I would suggest you DO NOT tell your mother prior to surgery. I have a mother like yours - nervous and judgmental. If you let her know beforehand, she'll A) try to talk you out of it and B) be a nervous wreck up until and... READ COMMENT

I looked at his web site. She probably had the croton oil peel. Those are pretty intense! READ COMMENT