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41, Mom of 2, 5'7 137lbs.. Tummy Tuck & Lipo - Second Procedure. Kirkland, WA

Ok, I just wrote an entire novel and some how lost it when it went to post ha. Back ground... This time last year I had lipo done. At first I was super excited and happy with most of it. I had this donunt around my bellybutton that even today is still there. After my lipo I kept calling and they kept saying Meh, it's normal. Well it looks awful. The reason I got lipo.. stay with me here...... READ MORE

Lawdy Lawdy I"m Turning 40! Birthday Gift to ME! 5'7 135lbs 2 Kids, TT and Lipo

This year in July I'm turning (gulp) 40 :) My girlfriends and I are doing a weekend trip to Vegas! Yippee.. minus the yippee. I've not worn a swim suit in public with out a cover up in 12 years. (after my last son was born). Mind you my three friends are freaking hot in swim suites and EVERY thing they wear. ugh I'm tired of sucking in, covering up and wearing baggy clothes. I'm THAT girl. So.... READ MORE

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Thank you thank you thank you for your updates!! I'm 18 days post op and feel like I'm never going to heal. Seems like every other post people are back to their normal life the week after their TT. I'm so frustrated and worried... READ COMMENT

I purchased Bio Oil... it's an oil and so far.. I'm a huge fan. I started taking Arnica 4 days before surgery.. ZERO swelling .. and almost no bruising. Very thankful. READ COMMENT

G'luck!! I'm 11 days post op. (TT, hernia, muscle repair and lipo) I totally kept my self busy until "flat" day as I knew I'd get nervous etc ha. Cute ice packs! :) you'll enjoy them. Like ESKI mentioned below, keep anything and... READ COMMENT

Congrats!!!! Hope u feel better soon!! I had my TT 9 days ago.. Trust me when I say I know how you feel ha! Speedy recovery!! READ COMMENT

Thank you!! I'm home and exhausted ha now I know what everyone talks about by being exhausted after!! Pretty uncomfortable but don't care! I wanted this so bad!! :) took pics of mark ups.. Will post later :) zonking out......ttyl READ COMMENT