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Restylane for Folds Around Mouth and Nose (Age 52)

I am 52. I have been using Restyline for the folds around my mouth and nose.I have had some improvement.However, I notice that my skin is sagging. (Of course at my age.) I have lost some weight. If I pull my checks back slightly, my folds and sagging improve. Can the volume be replaced in one's face? Would Radiesse be a good product for this as it helps the body produce its own collagen? I... READ MORE

Active FX Not Worth It

Had this done after Xmas last year. I am now 51. The procedure was not painful at all. Nor was there any discomfort or much peeling afterward. I did this to tighten my skin. However, the results were minimal at best, with no results on the lower portion of my face. (jowls, lines between nose and mouth, lines beside mouth...)  More than a month later, there still has been no change. There... READ MORE

Questions from oldteacher

No Results from Active FX

I'm 51, and I had Active FX in December 2008 on my face and neck. I was looking for results on neck and lower face mostly, but I had very little reaction, and essentially no... READ MORE

Can Titan Work for my Skin if Active FX Did Not?

I've read here that Active FX produces much better results than Titan. I had Active FX (two months ago) and had very little results around eyes, none on lower face. I was... READ MORE

Will One Laser Genesis Treatment Give Any Results?

There is a local spa going out of business. They are offering Laser Genesis at a very reduced price. However, 4 - 6 treatments are required. I may only be able to get one... READ MORE

Number and Spacing of Treatments Required for Titan?

A local spa is closing. They are offering Titan at a fraction of the regional cost. I am 51 and looking for skin tightening on neck and lower face. Will one Titan treatment... READ MORE

Eyebrow Hair Burnt off During IPL

I had IPL yesterday. The technician accidentally burnt a good portion of one eyebrow. Will this grow back (I hope so)? How long will this take? Is there anything I can do to... READ MORE

When Should Swelling Dissipate After IPL?

I am 51. I had an IPL two days ago. Some parts of my face are still swollen especially under my eyes. (The brochure said swelling for a few hours or a day, or more. But the... READ MORE

Is There a Risk of Skin 'Denting' from Titan As There is with Thermage? I

Is there a risk of skin 'denting' from Titan as there is with Thermage? I am 51. READ MORE

Should Latisse Cause Bloodshot Eyes and Irritation?

I am using latisse, I've used it twice, it seems that I have slightly bloodshot eyes and a bit of irritation. Would this be possible? I am going to stop using it for now, but... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Restore Volume in Cheeks?

I am 52 years old. I have been using Restylane for the folds around my mouth and nose.I have had some improvement. However, I notice that my skin is sagging (of course at my... READ MORE

Does Smartlipo Tighten Skin?

Does smartlipo tighten skin. I am almost 56. I am about 5 lbs overweight. I have lost about 25 lbs over the last 10 years. My skin is getting lose already. Is my skin too lose... READ MORE

Does Smartlipo Tighten Skin. I Am Almost 56. Will My Skin Sag After Smartlipo?

Does smartlipo tighten skin. I am almost 56. I am about 5 lbs overweight. I have lost about 25 lbs over the last 10 years. My skin is getting lose already.  Is my skin too... READ MORE

Does Vaser Shape Tighten Skin?

Does Vaser Shape tighten skin? I am looking for a laser procedure to tighten loose skin on calves, knees, front of thighs, and inside elbows. There is not significant fat, but... READ MORE

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I had slight bloodshot eyes after suing it twice. One eye feels like it does when I am around cats! Could I have used too much? I'm stopping for now, but will try again in a few weeks. Do these initial side effects lesson over time?... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much. When I wrote the first post, I thought I had ordered the Lattisse, but later received an email telling me that my order would not be shipped until I sent in a valid prescription. I changed my post to reflect this, you... READ COMMENT

I am trying to order this online myself. I do not have a prescription. Do you know of an online pharmacy I can purchase this generic without a prescription? (Without is costing the same as brand Latisse. Thanks! READ COMMENT

Did you hair ever come back. I had an IPL yesterday, and my eyebrows were hit and a portion of my brow burnt off. I just assumed they would grow back in time! READ COMMENT

I will, thank you for the info. It's odd how the doctor is not willing to try to see why my procedure did not work, or even perform it again. My colleagues at work, who are about my age, are following my face with me!! I work at a very... READ COMMENT