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Questions from Earl

Difficulty Of Medpor Cheek/Jaw Removal?

I'm looking into getting tear through(orbital rim) and Jaw angle implants. I have to make a decision wether to use silicone or porex. How difficult is it to remove these... READ MORE

Would Insurance Pay For The Removal Of An Infected Jaw Implant?

If someone had jaw implants and got a serious infection that can't be treated would insurance pay for the removal. READ MORE

How Does Hydroxyapatite Granules Differ From Medpor?

For the orbital rim and paranasal augmentation. What are the long term infection rates for this material? How hard is it to remove long term? I heard it can calcify and turn... READ MORE

Information on Gore-Tex Facial Implants (Cheek/tear Trough)

I have read all about Silicone and Porex/Medpor facial implants but had some question on Gore-Tex cheek or tear trough implants) How easy are they to remove if need be later in... READ MORE

Silicone Facial Implants Covered in Gore-tex?

Whats the infection rate of the silicone facial implants that have a goretex coating? are they difficult to remove? READ MORE

Antibiotic Gel Into and Around the Implant?

I read a post online about someone who had developed a cheek implant infection years ago. His Dr. put him on regular treatment (oral antibiotics and I think IV), but the doctor... READ MORE

Can Open Composite Fat Grafting Be Placed over Orbital Rim?

Can the strip of fat be placed over orbital rim implatns or on top to make the eyes less hollow and improves a negative vector? READ MORE

Question for occuloplastics about droopy eyes post Lefort iii surgery

Im having a modified lefort III osteotomy to correct my midface deficiency. Ive been told that due to the cut on the corner of the eye to access that part of the orbital rim it... READ MORE

How long after a Lefort III can I get orbital decompression?

I had a lefort iii in june. it helped bring out my midface but I still have bug eyes. I want to get a lefort iii. how long do I have to wait? READ MORE

Can Derma Roller give a false positive for LPP (Lichen Planus Pillaris)?

I recently had a biopsy done of my balding crown. to my dr. and my surprise it came back positive for LPP (Lichen Planus Pillaris). He said he was puzzled because normally... READ MORE

Driving after orbital decompression surgery?

Can you drive during thee recovery period after orbital decompression, or should one wait 2 weeks. READ MORE

Could the DNA appliance or homeo block help improve my smile?

I'm a 31 year old male who was born with every craniofacial/dental issue. I've hade a lefort iii and bsso. I have greatly improved my appearance but still desire a stronger... READ MORE

DNA appliance and Homeoblock device. Does the skill of the practitioner matter?

I had maxillofacial surgery but still desire a stronger bone structure. Ive read about a few people who used the dna or homeblock to accomplish this Does the bone that growth... READ MORE

ALF appliance vs Biobloc vs homeoblock vs DNA appliance for sleep apnea treatment?

I was just diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. My dentist wants to use the dna appliance but I've read there are others. which one is the best? Im also looking to help develop my... READ MORE

How difficult will it be to remove my screws and plates? (Photo)

I had a lefort iii osteotomy back in 2014. I want to have my plates and screws removed. how difficult would this be I imagine the ones by the eyes are risky but maxilla and... READ MORE

How to determine if facial asymmetry is bone or soft tissue related?

I had a malar osteotomy. My face has always been assymetrical but I feel its more noticeable post op. I have a post op ct scan and I don't really see crazy asymmetry on it. how... READ MORE

Restylane VS Radiesse for upper and lower orbital rim and brow?

I am a male with a un masculine brow and supraorbital rim. I also have weak lower orbital rim giving me a "bug" eye appearance. I wanted to try filler to give a more masculine... READ MORE

Cheek augmentation via demineralized bone

Ive recently read about a few doctors who will augment the cheek area with demineralize bone. what drawbacks are there to this method compared to silicone READ MORE