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Thats exactly what I am using. But its still super itchy. I bought a Carmex healing cream and so far that has helped me alot! I broke out really bad. :( Is that normal, that you know of? READ COMMENT

Its actually been ok.. She started me at the lowest level, so its just a bit red. They recommended I get about 3 to 4 treatments. I am just putting a healing ointment on it because it is very itchy and I dont want to scratch. Do you... READ COMMENT

I just got home from doing my first session.. The pain was pretty bad but bearable. I am icing my face as we speak. I took two ibuprofen for the pain and swelling. They told me to put aquaphor which is a healing ointment. I am going to... READ COMMENT

I have an appointment to get my first treatment done and I am extremely nervous..! The tech did some test spots on the day of my consultation to see how my skin reacted to the laser and its been good but my biggest worry is the "waffle"... READ COMMENT