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Wavy and Dents and Lump

I had 7 months ago lipo on belly and inner thighs. I now have a big dent and a big lump right from the belly button. Also one of my inner thighs has a dent in and is wavy. After 7 months it is still there. Can this be corrected or will it disappear after another half year? Is this because the surgeon was inattentive? Also I noticed that I had very little fluid loss after the procedure. Is normal? READ MORE

Great! You cannot see the scars at all - Europe

Hi It is about 3 years ago.  I remember I looked awful. My friend was schocked when he picked me up and said I looked like I had been in a bad fight, Anyway, once it healed, it looked very good.  It takes a year I think to see the full effect.  My eyes are naturally almond shaped, which you could see after the surgery.  Before my eyelids were covering the outer eye... READ MORE

More Painful Than I Thought It Would Be..what a Relief Afterwards:-) First Day Though

Had my Mixto fractal CO2 laser today. OUCH what was it painful. Not at the beginning, later and especially near the eyes and above the lip. One thing I found very difficult to handle is when the cold air is blown up your nose, you get a panick feeling because you have difficulties breathing. The neck was a piece of cake as it was away from the face and the cold blast was not bothering me, it... READ MORE

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Bumps Post-Mixto SX CO2 Laser Treatment

I am still bright red, but the flaking has already started (day 4). First, my upper lip cleared but now I suddenly have developed two bumps. These are quite visible. Will... READ MORE

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Just reading back, and read about the wrinkles under my eyes. These have gone now mostly but with an lower eyelid correction. READ COMMENT

Hello I do not go on here very often. Sorry, glad to hear though that my story was helpful to you. To be honest, I do not think it made a big difference or a difference at all. One day my skin looked like I was 20 years old again, but... READ COMMENT

Hi me again, really do not see a lot of difference to justify the amount of money you have to pay for it and the pain you have to endure. READ COMMENT

Oh yes no need to use steroid based creams READ COMMENT

Hi yes I had the same. I put an anti bacterial oitnment on it. A couple of days later it all rubbed off under a hot shower. It never came back. So do not worry. READ COMMENT