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Lower Eyelid Surgery

I had lower eye lid surgery day. I'm home. It's been 5 hours since surgery. I feel in pain. I refused to take an painkillers. So far has been. I need for it. My face looks like it was kicked around a few times.. see pictures below. As of now I have idea if it's worth it or now. I have a lot of swelling. My eye sight is slightly blurry. My favs is stiff. Hard to blink. Wish me luck! I'll keep... READ MORE

UPDATE 8 weeks POST SURGERY ..Finally loving my Tata's .. SF, CA

I am starting to get a little nervous. I am schedule to have my BA surgery on May 25, 2012. On Monday I'm seeing the doctor for my pre opt. to talk about the surgery and to pick a size. Which I am still clueless and far from deciding. I was hoping to maybe get some advise here. I am 5'2 125 pounds. I want a full C, or even a small C. I dont want them to look huge or too fake. But, I am... READ MORE

Lipo on Flanks, Lower Back and AB's - San Francisco, CA

I had lipo done 4 months ago in Sept 2011. I weighed 130 pounds, I was 5'2. So far I feel like I had great results. At First I thought I had just made the biggest mistake of my life. It look 3 months before I acutally started seeing results. I was frustrated, but 3 months after my surgery I started to notice that my pants started to fit better. My bar strap was starting to get lose. By the... READ MORE

Lipo on Flanks, Lower Back ,Stomach and Butt Grafting - San Francisco, CA

Just had my surgery 4 days ago! I am so excited to post my experience here for everyone to read. I am 5”2 I weighed 130 pounds on good days 125. I know you think I probably didn’t need it. But I got it done because I was tired of having to work out every day at the gym and not be able to get the results I wanted. My body stored a lot of fat on my back, which was driving me crazy.... READ MORE

Questions from PerfectMe20

Am I Good Candidate for Vaser Lipo?

I am interested in getting vaser lipo. I have worked extremely hard to lose weight in order to get a flat stomach, instead I was left with lose skin. I stomach is soft after... READ MORE

When I Lift Weights I Can Feel my Pecs Contracting. Will That Feeling Ever Go Away?

I am 5 weeks post surgery. I had submuscle gel implants inserted in the nipple. The doctor gave me the ok to start working out. Today, I did, but after doing 1 excerise I... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for lower eyelid surgery? How long do results last? Anything else I need for example laser resurfacing? (Photo)

I am 33 years old. I am in the entertainment business and I can't look tired and warn down. I don't think I have bags. I think I have lose skin and Make up can't hide my... READ MORE

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Well how he explained it to me is that a blepharoplasty is removing the fat under your eyes that create the bags under your eye and the left is to remove excessive skin. I hope I'm saying it right READ COMMENT

I am really surprised your doctor wasn't the one to bring up your uneven breast size. That was the first thing my doctor mentioned to me when we discussed implant size. I orginally wanted to get smaller implants but because I had uneven... READ COMMENT

Right now I am a 34C (Victoria Secret) or 34D (in same bra) For me I wish I would have gone one size smaller but honestly I am happy they look great not too big where everyone notices and not small where you feel like what was the point... READ COMMENT

Thanks. happy to be back. Been busy slowing my ladies off.. .. =) READ COMMENT

Haha. Thank.. I still remember all the times I paniced.. I was so scared they would never drop.. lol.. I guess everyone was right.. First I got use to them.. and then they finally dropped.. =) READ COMMENT