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Blackrican princess... you must be black, which is really a good thing for you because if you were white, you will then feel how much frustrated we are about it... it really embarrasses when you try to go to the beach with a long hairy... READ COMMENT

Hi Nas, I feel your pain too ... I live in Pennsylvania... I called several doctors, they all told me about the same prices... it's still expensive!! but as you said there is no choice but to do it ,, it's so embarrassing .. and can't... READ COMMENT

Hey again ! WOW so many people have this Nevus !! It makes me feel a bit relieved.. Guys does anyone know the prices in the USA? because it would be definitely more expensive than elsewhere. One of the doctors told me that the right... READ COMMENT

Hey unhappy girl! thanks for your comment. I feel so depressed and sad because of this nevus. I can't live with it, especially that I have a hairy one. Can you tell me how much it costs for the Bbl laser? and if it gets rid of the hair?... READ COMMENT

Hi everyone! I am surprised to see many people with Nevus of Becker. I have the same thing on my shoulder. I can't do tattoos for religious reasons. For those who have successfully removed or lightened the Nevus, can you please tell us... READ COMMENT