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Aquamid is an awful product. You cannot fully remove it and at some point it does trigger complications. These seem to go away with antibiotics such as Flaxopen. READ COMMENT

Too many complications with Aquamid!!! Google it! Do not use this product!! READ COMMENT

Hello again. Apparently it is extremely dangerous to mix anything with Aquamid. Aquamid themselves say so. I guess if you do you might even have further complications if the two products react against each other. With already only 1 it... READ COMMENT

I wish you all the best too and please be very careful from now on. Choose a good doctor and do not put anything permanent unless its an implant that can be easily removed in one time. Also NEVER mix anything up with Aquamid, it is... READ COMMENT

Dear All, Stay away from Aquamid or any permenant fillers. Doctors who say these are ok are just trying to make money and not tell their customers the real truth. Aquamid themselves take no action when problems occur. Why would... READ COMMENT