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Perfect doesn't even sum it up

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Fat Transfer

15 Feb 2017, Created 7 months ago

Darryl J. Hodgkinson, MD

5 out of 5 stars

Dr h fixed me !! I had a massive hole / dent in my cheek he did fat transfer just the once I am so happy he went above and beyond my expections perfect doesn't even sum it up highly recommend his just a great guy !!! READ MORE

Chemical Peel 2 Months Post Op - Sydney, AU

Honestly best results I could have hoped for I have always worn so much makeup and now i can leave the house with bare minimum ( pack on the 50+ of course which is recommended after a peel ) dr daryl is a senior surgeon with years of experience and wouldn't let anybody else touch my face he is honestly the god father of plastic surgery great man trust him with everything I am now 1 year... READ MORE

Wonderful Skin - Double Bay, AU

Always dreamed of healthy glowing skin! Had lots of sun damaged skin that was dull , rough blochy and not fresh I went to day dr daryl for a contour issue that his also addressed with a fat injection and also suggested a peel ,.. Best thing I ever did my skin looks so amazing and I couldn't be happier READ MORE

Questions from princessberni

I have a foreign body granuloma on my cheek from Juvederm Ultra filler 2 months post injection, terrified (Photo)

I developed a foreign body granuloma from juvaderm ultra in cheek it's been 6 weeks around about have had one steroid injection and on oral steroids 25mg daily it has improved... READ MORE

Foreign body granuloma from juvederm (Photo)

It is def a granuloma I have been assessed by a board certified plastic surgeon and I have been on antibiotics for weeks just in case I have had a ct scan of head and neck of... READ MORE

Huge dent and discolouration from steroid injections (Photo)

I developed a granuloma from filler the size of a golf ball my injector then started treatment with steroid injections the first 2 were fine but the last one was kenelog and... READ MORE

How do I heal granuloma without steroid injections? (Photo)

I have granulomas from juva derm on both cheeks which was confirmed by a biopsy ! I have had both cheeks dissolved and have had steroid injections which did not work but caused... READ MORE

Possible granuloma from Juvederm. Booked to do a biopsy, concerned about the scarring (Photo)

Hi been battling with possible granulomas on both sides of cheek from juva derm maybe from poor placement or infection booked in to do biopsy so concerned about the scaring... READ MORE

Granuloma from filler hyaluronic acid. Any suggestions?

I developed a granuloma on my cheek september last year 2015 from hylaluronic acid .then the filler was dissolved twice with hyalurondise then started a series of steroid... READ MORE

Fat grafting first injection over a month ago. When is it safe for the next injection?

I have had fat transfer injection for a contour problem caused by several steroid injections (fat atrophy) its going well except still getting swelling here and there and... READ MORE

Granuloma from fat injection. (photo)

I had a fat injection for steroid injection atropy in April now I have developed a lot of swelling and soreness my ps said its normal but from reading on line it's seems it's... READ MORE

Steroid injection atrophy then fat injection to correct it now swelling won't subside. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello Drs I had a huge dent in my right cheek due to a series of steroid injections ( kenalog ) waited a few months for the atropy to stabilise then opted for a fat injection... READ MORE

7 months after fat transfer, the area still feels heavily inflamed (Photo)

Hi drs I had fat transfer 7 months ago and still have swelling and most days what's seems like a "roll" or a long ways lump the area still feels heavily inflamed ! I had the... READ MORE

Severe inflammatory response to Juvaderm ultra. (photos)

I had a severe juvaderm ultra inflammatory response in September 2015 to cheeks ( filler was done in July 2015) had to dissolving injections on the mean time and still have... READ MORE

Inflammation from filler. Have I developed scar tissue? (Photo)

I have had chronic inflammation from juva deem ultra for a year now it's settling some what still get swelling though it was injected in both cheeks and got a reaction on both... READ MORE

Welts after Botox?

I been getting Botox to my forehead and frown lines for years I had Botox again 7 days ago and this time after injection I noticed the areas of injection where raised more then... READ MORE

Botox reaction

I got Botox done 10 days ago been having botox done for nearly 3 years to frown and forehead lines i go to a broad certified plastic surgeon but this time got a reaction... READ MORE

1 year old juvederm; will dissolving again help and resolve it once and for all? (Photo)

I had juva derm in both cheeks a year ago I reacted badly to it I had it dissolved twice after developing a rather large granuloma ! The right side of my cheek swells still all... READ MORE

Allergic to botox: swelling, burning, itching at/around injection sites. Does this mean I can't use Botox again?

3 weeks ago I had a severe reaction to Botox on forehead. still recovering. I have used it several times before with no ill effects. Can I try xeomin?? READ MORE

Kybella and downtime - would lipo be a better option?

I have a question on kybella been looking into this treatment it seems that the down time is awful with apparent swelling ( bull frog ) look lasting weeks if not months would... READ MORE

Under eye surgery after trauma? Large bags and blackness. (photos)

I had a massive reaction to a cheek filler in 2015 it's since settled but I do still have some discomfort and abit of swelling as there is still alittle filler remaining as... READ MORE

Botox allergy - what's my alternative?

I have developed a botox allergy which included hives and swelling I have seen an allergist and his further investigating my question is if I am allergic to botox what's my... READ MORE

Cheeks inflamed still 2 years after filler reaction? (Photos)

In 2015 I had a filler complication to cheeks which resulted in both cheeks inflaming but my right side as pictured worse I had a golf ball size granuloma which got injected... READ MORE

Botox allergy? Confused. What is it?

In January I had an extremely bad reaction to Botox to my forehead and frown lines I have had Botox for about 4 years It started with welts , itching , swelling I did a Botox... READ MORE

Fat injection is not symmetrical. What can I do? (Photo)

Hi dr I need to get to the bottom of this and seen so many drs with no result in 2015 I had a weird granuloma form from facial filler the filler got dissolved and had 3 kenelog... READ MORE

Is it a granuloma again? Previously had massive granuloma on cheek from filler. (Photos)

Hi drs I had a massive granuloma on cheek from filler ! I had it treated with 3 steroid injections which made it reduce but then got severe ayropy from the steroids which I got... READ MORE

Reaction after Botox. Desperate for answers, so scared. (Photo)

I have been receiving Botox to forehead for about 4 years never had a bad experience up until January of this year when I suffered greatly from being injected in my forehead... READ MORE

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Keep it up just use as many natural products and make sure you wear spf 50 aswell READ COMMENT

Get off it Hun on the asap anxiouspatient I did a chemical peel last year I was told to use retinol within days my skin starting swelling itching and just irritated! I know use aloe Verra and rosehip oil in the evening which is just as... READ COMMENT

Dr h did tell me it may need to be done a few times some ppls body absorbes it maybe that's your issue ? READ COMMENT

Yes plz can anybody help I am facing same issue I am in Australia what have you ladies done to get better READ COMMENT