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Ps .i don't know how to upload a picture..anyone know?x READ COMMENT

Hello all, i feel dreadful saying this, but i am so grateful to this blog without which i would feel so alone. i haven't written for some time as1)the "process" seemed to have slowed down and2) i'm sort of learning to live with it. my... READ COMMENT

My dear gloria and everyone else, i haven't been on the blog for a while as the whole process seemed to have slowed down...yes i have unsightly lumps on my face but we are all getting older and i have an excellent makeup artist..... READ COMMENT

Thankyou so much for telling us of your is so helpful to her how others are doing...from this clinic in india i will be praying for you and a success with the stem cells ...sounds sensible..please say how it went for you,... READ COMMENT

My God, your story sounds so similar to mine (and I am a doctor myself)..10 yrs ago i had aquamid in my lips and naso labial lines..apparently to no effect , then 4 yrs ago problems started , pain and lumps very obvious to me but not so... READ COMMENT