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It is very difficult in the beginning but it gets better. I had 30 trays my first go around and refinements. You can order retainer brite on line or just use efferent to clean them. Use a nail file to file down any sharp edges, i was... READ COMMENT

How old is he? My son wanted invisalign but you have to be very disciplined to have these, I am 43 and it was sometimes hard for me to keep them in constantly! READ COMMENT

You can use efferdent and it works just fine, that is what i use. READ COMMENT

Looks great! READ COMMENT

Use efferdent to clean them daily, i drank soda when i had mine in but did find that it would dry my mouth out. Once you get used to them it really becomes no big deal. I had to do 33 trays so believe me when i say you will get used... READ COMMENT