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Will a BBL fix the way my butt looks on the bottom area? (photo)

I am actively seeking a surgeon to perform my BBL, so far i have had one phone consult and he told me that my looking at my pics, he can only slightly improve the bottom area... READ MORE

Will BBL fix my funky shaped butt? (photos)

Will a bbl help the shape of my lower Butt. I don't like the dent on mid lower section of both cheeks. READ MORE


I've heard about this in other countries, is there any reason that doctors here in the states don't use it for BBL or BA READ MORE

How to decide? How do you justify risking life and limb when I already look pretty good?

I'm torn over the prospect of having elective surgery, I have a good body, though I'm 50 and could use some tweaking on some hard to rid areas of fat. I am roughly 18% body... READ MORE

Infini vs fraxel vs ultherapy

Are they the same? which is more effective for aging skin and some brown spots from sun damage on cheeks. READ MORE

More visible wrinkles after Fraxel. Can I still be swollen?

Under my eyes seems to have more wrinkling and lines 2 weeks after my laser treatment and I'm still extremely dry, and my festoons seem much worse. Is that because my skin is a... READ MORE

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You look amazing, Did you get 500 CC s in each or all together READ COMMENT

Girl You have an amazing booty, I think you would be taking a risk If you mess with it. You could end up with dents and asymmetry, If dieting and excersize don't get you the results you want, go for the lipo and breast implants, You... READ COMMENT

That look amazingly natural, why do u think they bottomed out, I don't see any difference? READ COMMENT

Haha I'm feeling the same way also, I am 12 days PO. their perfect, no their too far apart, oh their pointing outward, pointing down, one looks much bigger, why didn't he adjust my asymmetry with different size Implants, oh it isn't... READ COMMENT

Docs are so unpredictable, I was just the opposite of your story ; I weigh in at a whopping 120, lol, Salz told me I didn't have enough fat, Schulman said I had enough to get approx 700 cc per side ?? Wtf READ COMMENT