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Botox Allergy Anyone?

I had Botox 6 weeks ago, 10 units between the brow and after a week developed bad hives and rash all over my face. My face burns and is very red. I've also developed... READ MORE

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I have not had Co2 laser but I had scarring after IPL and I think once you have had a bad experience with laser/IPL, don't go anywhere near them again. For whatever reason that doctors can't explain, some of us react poorly to lasers. I... READ COMMENT

Any foreign substance has the potential to have an immune response, including Juvederm, Scuptra etc. It just depends on how your body reacts to it. That is the unknown. READ COMMENT

I hope you achieve the result you want. I can't see the difference in the smile but it can be difficult to tell from a photo. I actually love the way you look. I think you looked good before but just as hot now! I hope I can get good... READ COMMENT

Great result. You look gorgeous. Thank you for your update. READ COMMENT

You look great. So happy to see the fat has remained. It gives me more confidence seeing others have had great results. READ COMMENT