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Would Revision Rhinoplasty Be Easier if I Stick to the Same Surgeon?

I am thinking of having a revision rhinoplasty, and I liked the first result but wish to have some minor touch ups done. Should I stick to the same surgeon? Is it easier/better... READ MORE

Will Drinking Alcohol And Accidental Removal Of Stitch Affect Rhinoplasty Results?

I recently underwent functional and aesthetic rhinoseptoplasty, but feel like I wasn't careful enough. I didn't always keep the nasal bandaging tight, I started... READ MORE

Is Mild Nostril Asymmetry Easily Fixable?

I had a rhinoplasty one month ago. Exactly five days post op, I accidentally removed a dissolvable stitch from my nose. My doctor said this is the cause for the slight... READ MORE

What to Ask when Getting a 2nd Opinion on Rhinoplasty? Unhappy With My Results.

I had a rhinoplasty a few months ago, but don't completely like the results and thus want to get a 2nd opinion from another surgeon. What specific questions would be ideal... READ MORE

Can Cracking Your Jaw Make It Asymmetrical?

My jaw's asymmetrical and my chin's angled to my left. My features are more asymmetrical than the average person's; but it's not very noticeable, only in... READ MORE

Tip Fell After Rhinoplasty, What Can I Do To Achieve My Desired Results?

I had a closed rhinoseptoplasty 5 months ago. My nose's tip is pointing downwards and is slightly crooked to the left; and it's not at all what I wanted it to look like... READ MORE

Bumped Nose Tip After Revision Rhinoplasty with Cast Still On. Might It Affect Results?

I'm 12 days post-op. I had full osteotomies, tip work, and correction of septal deviation. I had just gone to my doctor and he decided to leave the cast on for another week.... READ MORE

Can Stretching the Neck Ruin Rhinoplasty Results Early On?

I've been stretching my neck from side to side several times daily, pushing it as far as it goes with my hands until it pops. It's a terrible habit I haven't been able to shake... READ MORE

Is It OK to Scrunch Up the Nose?

Hello, I'm 3 weeks post-op. I was startled today and I scrunched up my nose as a facial reaction. I was wondering if it could hamper the results in any way. Thank you. READ MORE

What's the Deal with Stretching and Post-op Results?

I've been stretching my neck from side to side several times daily, pushing it as far as it goes with my hands until it pops. I've been doing it from about day 8 (post revision... READ MORE

Hit Nose at 10 Weeks Post Op. How Do I Know if I Damaged It?

I'm 10 weeks post op closed revision rhinoplasty, and a friend hit my nose somewhat violently when she raised her arm as I rested my head on her shoulder hugging her. It did... READ MORE

Trouble Breathing on One Side 6 Months Post Op?

I've had 2 previous surgeries to my nose, for aesthetic and functional reasons. I like the outcome of the revision (had both osteotomies and spreader grafts placed). However,... READ MORE

Damage from Manipulating Nose Post Revision Op?

I had revision rhinoplasty done 6 and a half months ago. I had tip grafts, septum corrected, osteotomies and spreader grafts placed. I have some blackheads that bother me on... READ MORE

Very Uneven Nostrils After Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I've had two previous rhinoplasties. I like the outcome of the second one, it improved all views of my nose, except the nostril view. I am very self-aware of the asymmetry my... READ MORE

Can poking/manipulating my nose years later affect rhinoplasty revision results? (Photo)

So I inserted my index finger on one side, and my thumb on the other, up to the first knuckle, and *gently* squeezed my septum, because I wanted to feel the remaining deviation... READ MORE