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Downsized from 400 to 220 and Swap to Saline This February! - Massachusetts, MA

Hi all, Some of you may have followed my other stories but I will do my best here to explain! I decided in 2011 to get my first breast augmentation. I started competing in figure competitions in 2010 and landed myself a spot in nationals in may 2011. That was my 5th (and last) time I wanted to compete. i always had a great self esteem and was totally in love with my body, but the bigger and... READ MORE

Considering Removal

Unhappy to have implants and they scare me but im scared of what I will look like. I hope I wont be deformed I just dont know what to do!! Ok so its been a while but I realized I never filled anyone in on more specifics. I am now 25 and got the implants when I was 24 last October 2011. I was a small 34b prior implants but my breasts were a little asymmetrical. It didn't really bother me... READ MORE

Questions from Sgfit

Constricted Breast- Concerned with Post Op Symmetry and Double Bubble Effect!

I have small B's and suffer from constricted breasts. I have good distance in the upper pole of my chest but there is a short distance from my crease to the nipple, snd my... READ MORE

Should I Explant? How Will I Look, Will I Be Back to Hating my Boobs?

I am 24 and always wanted a bigger bust so I got my ba 4.5months ago.I was a small 34B and got400cc dual plane.They are the silicone gels.Since the first week I have been... READ MORE

Removing Silicone Gel from Breast Tissue?

If a silicone gel breast implant ruptures and the gel leaks beyond the capsule, can you explain the reason that doctors remove the breast tissue that contains the gel? I... READ MORE

Downsizing from 400cc Mod+ to 150 Saline. Implanted for 10 Months No Lift Needed?

They're too big for me. don't want silicone for personal reasons. prior, small34b. I really explant but I am not mentally ready for that. I only have three... READ MORE

How Can I Pick aN Implant Size? Surgeon Wants Me to Choose.

I have 400ccs with diam.of 13.1 and proj of 4.0 now. I was a small B and now am way too big for my athletic lifestyle. I would like to go saline. My goal is to go to a full B... READ MORE

I Need A Revision Surgeon! Cost for a Revision Within my Budget?

I need a revision on my current implants. I've had for 10 months and they are too large for me. I have 400ccs mod plus by mentor. diam/proj is 13.1\4.0 respectively. prior was... READ MORE

Would I Need a Capsulorraphy?

Looking to downsize about 200-250ccs...I do not need a lift, I am young with pert breasts and have only had.implants less than a year. I think I may need some suturing for an... READ MORE

Overfilling, Underfilling, Max Fill? Whats Best for Least Amount of Ripples?

I do not want silicone implants. I want a natural look to slightly boost my b cup breasts using saline. If I had a 200cc saline breast implant, is the normal fill 200 and max... READ MORE

When Will IDEAL Brand Implant Be Out?

Heard it has been in testing and waiting FDA approval. Any clue as to when? This year or 10 years? READ MORE

Can You Perform a Capsullorhaphy with Transax Incision?

I'm in need for a revision to go smaller. Looking for a surgeon who does capaullorhaphies also, can it be done transax? READ MORE

Need to Downsize/revision with Capsullorhaphy and Need to Seek Additional Consultations? (photo)

I have 400cc implants & would like to downsize to just fill out my preop breasts. Im a DDD now and WAY too large. I am seeking a few consultations including my current... READ MORE

Cost to Downsize, Switch to Saline?

I need to find out how much it costs to switch to saline implants, downsize and have a capsullorhaphy. I am almost positive I will need this because I am downsizing my implants... READ MORE

What if You Need to Remove the Capsule Years After a Capsullorhaphy?

What if you need to remove the capsule (capsulectomy/capsulotomy) years after a capsullorhaphy that was done under the muscle? Is it possible? When you get a capsullorhaphy,... READ MORE

Does Capsullorhaphy Make Your Breast Square?

Basic question - when you need to tighten the pocket on all sides of your breast, will your breast look square? READ MORE

Dimples and Cellulite After Lipo...any Cure?

I'm 25 & had lipo on inner and top of thighs one yr ago for fat transfer to breasts. Since then I have small dimples and increased visibility of cellulite that was barely... READ MORE

What if You Need Capsulectomy After Capsullorhaphy?

I asked this before but was not clear enough. If you received a capsullorhaphy years prior and now want to remove breast implants for good and need a Capsulectomy or prefer to... READ MORE

Need Help Picking a Size to Downsize my Implants? (photo)

I currently have 400ccs sils under -diam.13.1/4.0 proj. Im much larger than I want so I want to downsize with capsullorhaphy & no lift. My surgeon is going to waive fee,... READ MORE

What Cc and Profile Will Get Me to This Goal Photo for Breast Implants? (photo)

I am looking to downsize. I currently have 400cc mod+profile. My preop photos I was about 5-10 pounds lighter. I implanted only last year under the muscle. I am looking to swap... READ MORE

Can Antibiotics Effect the Integrity of a Saline Breast Implant Valve?

A friend of mine was watching this show called 'monsters inside me' which discusses real, rare medical mysteries which are later discovered to be infections, bugs, etc growing... READ MORE

Lipo Made my Thighs Look Cellulite-y?

I had lipo on my thighs 1.5 yrs ago. My thighs used to be smooth looking and now I am embarrased to wear shorts or run with shorts because my thighs looks lumpy and cellulite-y... READ MORE

Are You Permenantly Removing Fat Cells with Fat Transfer?

You have a predetermined amount of fat cell in your body and when lipo is performed, it permanently removes the cells. If you gain weight, then your body will gain weight... READ MORE

Will Cyst or Fat Necrosis Removal Cause Asymmetry?

I had fat trasnfer and implanst to my breasts. My R breast was always smaller and wasn't corrected during fat transfer & same size implants were used. I didnt want a larger... READ MORE

Can a Surgeon Deflate Implants and Place New Ones Under Local?

I am 220 ccs, saline dual plane. I want to downsize to 120-160 range or remove. Can a surgeon deflate the implant, and then allow me to make my decision after waiting a few... READ MORE

will my breasts look like this when I remove my implants?

Removing my 220cc unders within the next few years when I flex my chest, my implants go way up high, and my nipples go low and it looks bad, they are almost at the bottom of my... READ MORE

Does laser hair removal scar/damage hair follicles? This question leads further to cancer.

Does laser hair removal damage hair follicles & affect your body's ability to sweat and remove toxins? I'm concerned in the areas of armpit and groin area where there are... READ MORE

How do I choose a provider for laser hair removal?

How do I know own if am going to someone who really knows what they are doing? I'm scared I will get burned. Is there board certification? Do I go to a spa? Medi-spa? Laser... READ MORE

Electrolysis v. Laser hair removal; which is safer?

What are the differences? What is safer? Can either cause cancer? What would you choose? READ MORE

Alexandrite, diode, or ng:yag? Or a combination? (photos)

Do i have to see a dr. Or is a trained licensed experienced aesthetician ok? Looking to do laser hair removal in various areas. I've read completely contradictory... READ MORE

Will the Fascia Blaster help fix my cellulite caused by liposuction?

4 years ago I had traditional liposuction in my thighs to transfer the fat to my breasts. I never wanted it to come from my thighs because I loved my legs and worried they... READ MORE

Questioning my decision about laser hair removal. Can multiple areas be done in 1 session? Will it scar lymphnode? Cause Cancer?

I found a deal on Groupon for LHR. I went on a consult and told them I wanted armpits, brazilian, happy trail, full legs and feet. It will be a master aesthetician with 4 yrs... READ MORE

Do I have tuberous or constricted breasts? I was told NOT tuberous, but yes constricted. Thoughts? (photos)

I got implants in 2011. I never knew my natural breasts were "deformed" until my surgeon told me my breasts were constricted. Now I wonder if they were also tuberous? I care... READ MORE

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I was concerned that having braces in the back would not be successful in brining teeth to the front. I think you had the same issue I had-- on the top, the teeth that are right next to my two front teeth have set back so my two front... READ COMMENT

What is an exterior plastic bracket? Clear? How do you like them? READ COMMENT

Whoa. Ok. first, it doesn't seem that you went to a qualified orthodontist, I am not sure who Dr. Paz is but you said he didn't get ortho clearance? Secondly it also sounds like he didn't take all your health history into consideration.... READ COMMENT

Sounds like your issue is really with an incompetant dr rather than the braces READ COMMENT

How is your skin doing now? Was the procedure worth it? I am considering going for some superficial acne scars and large pores. I read with one poster that her pores got bigger but I was awaiting an update. READ COMMENT