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Hi, you said you have sparse eyebrows to begin with, does the laser treatment remove the hairs as well? If so, did/do they grow back?? Thank you READ COMMENT

Fantastic results...the incision blends perfectly into the folds. Did you lose feeling at any time in your lips or just under the nose? Do you have full sensation and movement now? Can you pucker fully? Thanks for sharing! READ COMMENT

Thank you for your quick reply! How long did he say fat grafting would stay? I've heard different surgeons say different times and its not necessarily permanent. If i knew fat grafting would offer a permanent and consistent result I... READ COMMENT

Thnk you so so much for your thorough review. I've seen reviews for the bullhorn since about 10+ years now. Not so many back then, but I can see how much better the techniques are, because yours and another recent lip lift have great... READ COMMENT

Wow your natural lashes are long and lovely! After a while you will see your eyebrows darker and lashes too. The latisse brochure I read says to use it continuously for 4 months and then taper. I noticed and got comments on my brows... READ COMMENT