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Fantastic Results With Bilateral Capsulorrhaphy & Muscle Release - Montreal, QC

My body changed a lot since my first lift with augmentation back in August 2011. I have been training 4 to 5 times a week, practicing yoga, running, hiking - My poor breasts have been "tortured" with all this training! Before this last surgery, my breasts were still very soft and looked more than natural, people thought they were all mine! However, when I was lying on my back, my breasts went... READ MORE

Lips Were Too Big After Filler, Hyaluronidase Made It Perfect! - Montreal, QC

I always wanted bigger lips, not that trout pout mouth that you can see around every corner and say : "Yeah. She had it done TOO." I wanted something subtle, delicate, just a little more feminine for my small visage. I wanted something unique. So I went. I told my doctor I wanted half a syringe. She replied that it wouldn't make any noticeable difference, and for the price that I would pay, I... READ MORE

Done! Breast Lift with Circumaerolar Scar Only! - Montreal, QC

Best experience I've ever had. It's been 48 hours since my surgery and there's no blood in my dressings, no visible scar, no bruising. I thought I was going to have ugly scars (vertical scar) or infection and not at all. The result : Beautiful natural breasts, beyond my expectations.3 weeks post-op. Sutures came out, as a normal process after this king of surgery. Almost no... READ MORE

Questions from Kimboyo

Worried About Vertical Scar With Breast Lift- Are There Alternatives?

Hi everyone. I've been thinking about a breast augmentation since I went from a D to an A, and I went to see a lot of surgeons. All of them said the same thing : "I... READ MORE

What is to Be Expected from Sutures/stitches After Breast Lift with Augmentation??

Seems like orange-colored sutures came off my aerola. No redness, no infection in sight, but just a tiny little hole. Is this normal? What is to be expected the next few months... READ MORE

Is this swelling normal more than 24 hours after lip fillers? Not going down, but more and more swelling. (photos)

I used lip fillers (first time) yesterday. I wanted a very natural look. I have seen great results on some on my Dr.'s patients and loved the natural look. I always had... READ MORE

Breast revision done!Now what can I do to keep the results? Do's and don'ts?Bra suggestions?What about sleeping/training?(photo)

I just went under surgery for a bilateral capsulorrhaphy and muscle release. My breasts looks fabulous! Now, what can I do to keep my breasts as good as they look at the... READ MORE

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I think the best person to ask is your surgeon! Depending on what procedure he did. I know some surgeons recommend a support bra they place right after the surgery, others nothing for some time. READ COMMENT

Thanks for the kind words! I wore a push-up bra the day of the surgery! It's to prevent the breasts to fall on the sides of my body when I'm lying on my back or sleeping. My natural breasts used to do it all the time and even after my... READ COMMENT

Under both scars! they seem to fade away lightly and slowly. but still, i don't know what they are. READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry for you. Hope you find another surgeon to make your scars look better : laser maybe? Keep your head high! READ COMMENT

No, these results are from an augmentation as well. my surgeon suggested that it would make a better result and a fuller breast with an implant. 300 cc silicone. :) good luck @mskv! READ COMMENT