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Botox for Small Chin and "Peau D'orange" (Dimpling) - Manhattan, NY

This is the second time I've had Botox for this and the first time I took good before and after shots. I originally went in for filler to correct the appearance of a broken nose, and since we didn't use the whole syringe I asked if we could put the rest in my chin to make it larger and fix the "peau d'orange". Dr. Liotta said that while we could, Botox was a better option because both were... READ MORE

Filler for Dorsal Hump and Post-Broken Nose Crookedness. Manhattan, NY

A broken nose a few months ago left me with a slightly shifted nose. I'd always had a small-ish bump on my nose and the break and resulting crookedness made it larger and more apparent. I saw Dr. Liotta in NYC today for a consult re: possible surgery and the option of fillers. I ended up having Juvaderm Voluma injected above and below the dorsal hump. She used 0.2cc on my nose and I opted to... READ MORE

Worth It! - Dallas, TX

I had 3 syringes of perlane injected into my cheeks and along the orbital bone to correct the hollowness under my eyes (a problem I've had since I was a child. I'm 23 now). The procedure was not painful, though the crackling sound of the injection was strange. I did not experience any bruising and though there was swelling it was minimal enough to be unnoticeable. My doctor... READ MORE

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3 months is plenty of time! I got mine done after about a month and a half. READ COMMENT

Everything was done in one session, and she used about 20% of the syringe I think. Fillers can only add volume not take it away, so for this she injected filler above and just below the bump on my nose, essentially making the indent at... READ COMMENT

Thank you! Just the one treatment! READ COMMENT

Thanks! If they have noticed, they haven't mentioned it! I'm guessing that some noticed something was different but because I wasn't out of commission for surgery and non-surgical nose contouring isn't widely known about that they... READ COMMENT

Thanks! I haven't decided whether I'll end up going for surgery or not. My septum is deviated so breathing better would definitely be a perk, but then again I'm happy with these results and the procedure was so easy. Time will tell I guess! READ COMMENT