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Lasik in Minneapolis MN

I've been considering Lasik for several years. I've had glasses since age 20 and contacts since age 23 (20+ years now). I have an astigmatism in one eye and a moderately strong prescription in both eyes. I've had no previous history with eye injuries or dry-eyes and was concerned I'd be one of the patients who ended up with chronic dry-eye or halo problems which is why I've... READ MORE

From Flabby to Fabulous - 3 months PO. Minneapolis, MN

My 2nd pregnancy wrecked my abdomen, being a 9 lb 3 oz polyhydraminous baby. Love him. Hate my belly. 10/26/2011 - 2 weeks, 1 day til surgery. I'm a 43 year old single mom of three (22, 20, and 9). I'm 5'4" and 143 pounds (currently losing about 8 pounds to a weight that's ideal for me). Since my pregnancies, I have loose, wrinkly and pudgy skin that only seems... READ MORE

Recent comments from cc115

I concur with everyone who said it sometimes takes a while to heal. I'm 1+ year post op and my eyesight is very good. I went through periods of seeing better and seeing worse, but after about 3 months my eyesight evened out. I do need... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the updates...I'm 8 days post op today and my vision is inconsistent..good, bad, better, worse and my doc told me the same thing (I will continue to heal for 3 months, everyone heals at different rates, etc,) I'll "keep... READ COMMENT

I stoppd wearing any compression garment around 4-5 weeks post op and started working out at 6 wks. I *never* wear one during exercising. I had more swelling in the first week of exercising but nothing extreme and no problems. Good luck! READ COMMENT

Your results are amazing. I see a total difference with your additional surgeries to lower your scar. Have you lost a few pounds too? (not that you needed to!!) You look so slim, really great! READ COMMENT

I agree with Bella83, you look like you've always had a flat tummy and cute BB. Looking GOOD!! :)~ READ COMMENT