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Will Touching My Nose After Rhinoplasty Cause Damage?

Its been 1 week (i still have the splint on though) and I can breathe pretty normally (the bruising is almost 100% gone as well). However, I'm a very fidgety person and i... READ MORE

A Small Bump on the Bridge After Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty a little over a week ago. There is swelling on the tip and a little on the sides. I've noticed a very small bump at the top of my bridge where the doctor... READ MORE

Hard Bump Where Bridge Was Shaved Down. Will It Go Away?

I had my rhinoplasty about a month a half ago. Soon after, I noticed a small bump where the bridge was shaved down (I also had a cartilage graft inserted into the top of my... READ MORE

Hard Bump Where Bridge Was Shaved Down 6 Months Later (photo)

I'm nearly six months post-op and I have a considerable hard bump where the bridge of my nose was shaved down. I suffered no traumatic bumps to my nose following my surgery... READ MORE

Picking Nose After Minor Surgery?

I had a very minor procedure a week ago. i only need a piece of tape placed over the nose after my surgeon removed excess cartilage from my bridge. 3 days post op, i gently... READ MORE

What is the Science Behind Staying out of the Sun After Rhinoplasty?

Just wondering. I'm going to the cape next weekend, and while I'm fully prepared to lather my face in 100+ SPF and wear a hat, I was wondering what the science is behind... READ MORE

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The tip will take forever to go down! Mines huge right now. I know some people where is took nearly 3 years for the swelling to completely subside READ COMMENT

Glad to hear you were able to finally get some shut eye! You definitely have to inquire both the staff and your surgeon about post-op discomfort. I, personally, had little pain following both my procedures (rhinoplasty and minor... READ COMMENT

Sorry to hear that your in such discomfort! Don't worry though l, the pain passes! As for being trapped inside, I relied on movies and Netflix for entertainment, a good book can't hurt either. If you've told any of your friends or... READ COMMENT

You're swelling is going down immensely! But having them fly you out to Mexico for a 2500 surgery is a bit suspect. I would stick to a surgeon in the states from now on. READ COMMENT

I was unhappy with my initial rhinoplasty as well. And sometimes that just happens. I just got a revision and so far I'm very happy with it. Just hang in there. Save up the money and one day you'll be able to get the nose you want. I... READ COMMENT