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Questions from IlsaB

Can I Add Radiesse to Fill out my Cheeks a Little More After Having Had Juvederm Ultra??

I just had Juvederm Ultra in my cheeks but I need more volume. How long would I have to wait after Juvederm Ultra to add more volume? I would love to hear your opinion. Thank... READ MORE

Ultherapy Vs. Refirme Vs. Accent XL for Thin Face

My face is fairly thin however I have pretty skin. I would like to do Ultherapy followed by Radiesse or Sculptra. I am open to one of the other technologies for tightening if... READ MORE

What Non-Surgical Options Are there for Skin Tightening for the Upper Inner Thigh?

Hopefully you can give me some ideas of what I can try.I have loose skin on my upper inner thigh at the buttox. It really bothers me. I have always been thin my whole life, but... READ MORE

What Are the Advatages of Injecting Fillers with a Blunt Tip Cannula Vs. a Needle?

What are the advatages of injecting fillers with a blunt tip cannula vs. a needle? I am asking specifically about Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse and Perlane for the purposes of... READ MORE

I Have to Have Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery but I Have Been Considering Breast Implants. Is is Possible to Both on Same Day?

Maybe this would be an awful experience and no doctor would want to do it, but I have to have arthroscopic shoulder surgery (ouch) but I want breast augmentation.Both require... READ MORE

How successful are microdroplet techniques of Restylane and Juvederm? (NOT silicone)

I have read about microdroplet techniques with hyaluronic acid, using different fillers, at varying depths to create the best contours, and the most natural look. Why aren"t... READ MORE

Skin tightening for someone who should avoid facial fat loss?

Hi! What skin tightening treatments or combination of treatments ie, laser, ultrasound, derma pen, radio frequency is the best for someone who cannot afford facial fat loss but... READ MORE

Ulthera dissipated the filler & made it settle lower in my face! I'm 9 months post op. Any suggestions?

Hi! Please give me some feedback. I had Ulthera on my lower face, including under eyes. My filler from 10 months ago dissipated to the lower half of my face. I now have a... READ MORE