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Do Most of You Refer Your Patients for Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Post Surgery?

What is the protocol for patient aftercare after surgery, whether facial lift, eye surgery, post plastic surgery of breasts, body? Is a referral to a lymphatic drainage... READ MORE

Do All of You Participate in Referring to MLD Practitioners Post Surgery and Post Botox?

I am interested to know if you participate in the process of referrals to MLD specialists for post surgical and post botox problems for beneficial healing for your patients.... READ MORE

Post Botox Eye Injection Side Effects and Healing, And General Botox Questions.

What is prevalence of crystalline/metallergic type of materials oozing out of botox inj sites 4.5 months post botox causing inflam, swelling/hardening of tissues of both upper... READ MORE

What Are the Questions We Should Ask Regarding Botox TXs?

Could you shed some light on the questions we should be asking to our Botox Providers whether they are MDs, nurses,spas before we get any additional treatment? What would you... READ MORE

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@Laura, I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. If you can tell me what area you are from I will find you a good lymphatic drainage therapist that can help you. Also, watch your diet and exercise more. All of these... READ COMMENT

Hey there, I was not saying 'no' to massage but it is different and the back and forth motion of massage is different then the lymphatic drainage technique.. That's why I suggested you find someone in your area who knows the lymphatic... READ COMMENT

Ladies, I feel for you in your healing. I must emphasize that Lymphatic Drainage work is NOT facial massage.. the skin around the eyes is very sensitive..rubbing, pushing, squinting is very bad for the tissue.. Find a certified... READ COMMENT

We have somewhat of an answer ladies: "We do know that those people who are prone to bags of fluid underneath the lower eyelids should not have Botox injections there as the lack of muscular contraction will decrease the local "pump"... READ COMMENT

Not ignorant just significantly uninformed!! Hang in there. All, find a good lymphatic drainage therapist who has been trained in the eyes.. Usually Level III. Take care and good luck. READ COMMENT